Home Discussion Forum Has anyone had a past life regression?

Has anyone had a past life regression?

Has anyone here ever done a past life regression? If so what did you experience? Did you do any research to see if what you remembered could have been possible, ie cities/dates/historical events/names? I have never done this and I am very interested, but I have no idea how to find a reputable hypnotherapist. If anyone knows someone near Dayton or Cincinatti Oh that info would be helpful too.


  1. If you mean a past life connection they don’t exist souls are to precious to be reused. It’s just an old wives tsle.

  2. You can find a reputable and certified hypnotherapist in your area here:
    I am a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, however in Arizona.
    Yes, I have experienced past life regression myself (during our practice sessions in school), and I have guided others into their own.
    I’ve not researched my experiences with historical events/names, as I’ve never been a ‘famous’ individual before. However, some of my recall matched the current practices of the times (agricultural, religious, societal).
    The best value I found for myself in past life regression was an increased understanding and embracing of my current life tendencies and emotions. It seems to me that, while events and experiences are usually not remembered consciously, the lessons (and some of the open questions) remain and become incorporated into the successive lives.

  3. Yes. From 1994 to 1997 I went through past lives regression therapy. I could get into 5 different past lives. I could see scenes of those lives like I in a television. So I saw myself like it happens in a dream, thouhg it wasn’t one.
    But I’m not sure those were really scenes of past lives. There were some conflicting dates, apparently 2 distinct lives happened in the same years, the 50s.


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