Has anyone had a near death experience?

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Has anyone had a near death experience or out of body experience? If so, what was it like?

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Clever nickname

I died when I was a baby, so I obviously don’t remember that one. A more recent one involved me floating out of my body, but I was really drunk so it could’ve been a trick of the ‘Sinth.

Vito D

I died when i was a baby too, and i omost drowned. one time i omost broke my neck at a carnival but my brother saved me. uhhhmmmm thats all i can remember.


Nope never but don’t let anyone fool you into believing you see jesus or god.

anna v

I did when i was 19.But i can only tell you about it privately,through email.

elaine 30705

When i had triple by pass surgery,I went somewhere like a
sea shore with the most beautiful clear water I,ve ever seen
and i could see God behind a water fall and I was waiting for him to come out and to take me over the water,it was so peaceful.

1thousand is super fantastic

When I was a little kid I fell through the ice. I breathed in water and started to hallucinate. I saw talking fish and up through the water it looked like summer (even though it was winter). I remember wanting to stay there. But then I was rescued.


I’ve almost croaked a number of times.
The mind and body do weird stuff when in shock.


Yes I did, the same day that my mother passed away, matter of fact it was within the first 10 minutes of her death.
All I can say , is it was th first time anything like tht has happen to me and it was quit a cherished moment.

Holy Mackerel

I had one when I was about 6. I remember it very well. If you want to find out about it, I could tell you in an email.


when i was about 10 i got a really bad case of the flu with a dangerously high temperature and the doctors could not do anything. i was completely delirious or just passed out most of the time, but then this monk came and chanted over me and i came out of it. The only thing i remember about that time is hearing the prayers in my head and feeling like i came back from somewhere. i still have complete faith in the holiness of that priest and of course the power of prayer.


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