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Has anyone had a good outcome from a spell done by California Astrology Association?


  1. I know nothing of the California Astrology Association,so I cannot comment on that.
    What I do know is that anyone who truley has The Knowledge would never charge another. If they felt trueness of heart and will of the one asking for Knowledge, it would be imparted in faith certainly not for monetary gain. This is against the one of the basic tenants of The Knowledge.
    Many do not completely understand how much time and effort is involved in just getting to a level of learning arts, such as spell casting.Some have committed many decades to learning but still are unable to successfully cast.Many,many things are involved and required.There are some who can never train their voices to carry the right vibration and intonation, although they may have learnt much of The Knowledge.
    .Know also that sometimes it only requires a very slight mispronunciation (for example) and the cast becomes ineffectual or worse can turn malignant having dire consequences for the caster them self.Blessed Be.


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