Has anyone had a experience such as this?

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Throughout my life I have had sever spiritual warfare? I have had this recurring experience at different times in my life. It would happen at night. As I lay asleep in my bed. While sleeping, a large spiritual entity would stand outside the wall of my room. It would reach both hands inside the room and grab my head. Almost like the mind meld, performed by Spock on “Star trek”. When it did this, It would cause me to go into a sleep paralysis, were I could’nt move. I could feel the evil in this thing Everytime it happened something inside told me to say the Lords prayer over and over, then it would leave. What was strange is that I wouldn’t remember the next day. Until, the episodes started to happen very frequently. Then I went to the Catholic Church and acquired Holy water. I blessed the walls and the entire house. It came back, and tried to reach through the wall. Blamboo!! it shocked this spiritual entity so bad it sounded like an explosion went of. This thing screamed in pain, and N

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Please get professional help.

Josh D

No I haven’t experienced that before.

some chick

Erm… seen a shrink lately? Or maybe you just go to church too often? FYI I never had such an experience and I don’t think it is possible to have one.


Wow, thats wild! When I meditate I feel this entity watching me and then it kind of melds with me, but its scary sometimes. I’ll see an eye peering into my soul and everything gets really cold all of a sudden. Wierd stuff!


You might want to check into one those UFO clubs or organizations.


are you sure its not hellboy?


The ONLY thing that will get rid of this evil spirit (demon) is the blood of Jesus. Jesus is the name above all names. He is our Savior, our Redeemer, our Rescuer.
This demon is torturing you and putting fear on you. You really need to get in a faith filled/spirit filled church. Holy water, made from man doesn’t get this thing out of your house, but the blood of Jesus will. This is one thing that it doesn’t want to hear. Plead the blood of Jesus over your house daily and also upon yourself. Repent of your sins and ask Jesus to come into your life. He is your only answer.

Obama 08!

Many times people who suffer from sleep paralysis also have the feelings of evil entities around them. This is because you are partially sleep and partially awake. the next time this happens you have to remember to tell yourself that “its not real” and although it is frighting you have to let your body relax back into sleep. Its no use fighting trying to move just relax and go back to sleep so you can wake.

jackie c

one time i was lying in bed and with my covers pulled up to face, i was laying there and slowley i felt the covers being pulled off i me. i laid there feeling the covers get pulled completly off of me. then i heard bang bang bang on my window. i was scared as hell at this point. i then heard a drumming in the walls. i was still laying in my bed freaked when i say a shadow cross my doorway. i started praying and somehow feel asleep. it has never happened again. and i hope it never does.

Elizabeth M

No, I haven’t seen that episode.


I believed it happen! Evil cannot stand Holy water or anything Holy. Even if you don’t see it , doesn’t mean it is not there. Don’t kid yourself, we are in the middle of a spiritual warfare. Every day I bless my home with Holy water and ask the Spirit of God to cleans my home of all evil spirits. And yes sometimes I hear the screams .


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