Home Discussion Forum Has anyone felt a sudden surge of negative energy floating around lately?

Has anyone felt a sudden surge of negative energy floating around lately?

Does anyone feel like a surge of dark, negative energy has fallen over the world lately?
What I’m referring to stands out from the world’s normal suckiness…in other words have you felt a higher frequency of negative energy floating around than normal?
I’m speaking mostly to people who are in touch with the higher realms of consciousness who have the ability to perceive a cloud of negative darkness settling over the world: people with deep intuition who can feel or see auras and energy fields. The spiritually inclined.
In layman’s terms, have a lot of bad things been suddenly happening to not just you but all your friends and acquaintances too, all in the span of about a month or so?


  1. Actually, yeah… I just never really noticed until now…
    Almost everyone I know has been in really foul tempers (including myself) even though the weather is beautiful. I’m also accident prone (more than usual) with a lot of it centering around my head. And a couple of friends just got really sick.
    Think it means anything? Maybe it’s got something to do with global warming or something…

  2. Yeah.
    I saw that number again. I knew something was up.
    I feel the pressure of it so much I sometimes cannot sleep soundly, and that has never happened to me in my entire life. I can sleep through thunderstorms and earthquakes.
    But I know that there’s justice coming. Right now, I am only in a position to bow humbly before the unjust forces at work in my personal life right now. But the anger has begun to boil and I have to fight it constantly.
    Not that I’m thinking of anything stabby or anything like that.

  3. Yes… but not from the “higher realms of consciousness” that you speak of…
    You can find it all written and prophesied thousands of years ago in that “old and useless bible” that most ignore.
    The end of the age we are in is about to come to a close…
    I wonder how many will “miss the boat” this time!

  4. The Fact that my inner Energy has to deal with the fact that So much is going on! I can’t concentrate no more, and if you want to get worry, my buddha friend is having concern for the new Era! that is the sign of the Air, “troubles ahead” he said, spiritually and Mentally! just be prepare for what lays ahead, and let time pass. ~ peace! my friend.

  5. No, not at all.
    It is jolly nice here, great weather, fabulous food.
    The world`s normal `suckiness` ?
    We don`t have that here.
    The World is a lovely place to be, well, where I live it is.

  6. The negative energy is real.
    I have been tracking this negative energy for a while now, and its effect on the population and it is not good. I have yet to see a pattern as to when it comes and goes but it will last for days at a time before being shut off.
    People act crazy during a full moon. So they say.
    When I feel the negative energy stronger, people act nuts. It used to affect me but now that I feel it coming, I know what to expect, so I can combat it.
    I live in a very large city and the energy turns on and off like a light switch. It is man made, not natural. If I drive about 1 hour from the center of the city the energy dissipates. I believe the energy is being created in the city, and in other places across the country.
    I am currently trying to devise a way to electronically detect this energy. I believe the energy wave is a Hertzian wave type and not a scalar wave type. This means shielding is possible.
    You can disrupt the energy with other wave forms like music. Yet another reason to believe shielding is possible. The next time I feel the negative energy, I will be conducting a shielding experiment.
    If someone doesn’t know what is going on, this energy can cause them to commit suicide. I believe the government tests on the population continues.

  7. Absolutly. I have clients all over the country reporting the same. I am usually happy and share that but I can not seems to shake these awefull neg thoughts and physical pain.


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