Has anyone experienced "Sleep Paralysis" or "Oppression"?

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I am atheist but just a few nights ago, I experienced it. Felt like someone climbing up onto my bed and then pressing against my back (I was sleeping on my stomach) and I felt so breathless.
I was also half-conscious, half-unconsicous.

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Didn’t stop me from getting up and draining the dragon though – tbh i did fall back in bed like a sack of sh!t mind you.


Did you check under your bed for monsters?


at night you travel back to the realms – kind of out of body – you were just feeling yourself coming back in to your body

Jack Mania

I’ve heard it comes from chemical signals in your brain telling your body not to move while sleeping- in case we happen to be sleeping near a cliff or something, but I’m unable to cite any sources.


it’s called dreaming or a stage of sleep.

mia delight

Yes I did, it was terrifying I wanted to scream but I couldn’t..then I fell asleep. When I woke up it was a strange memory, feeling real but I knew it wasn’t.


it has happened to me too the exact same thing only i remember i was trying to scream too but there was no voice coming out….
doc told me it was from stress and anxiety

Mr. Gardner


Allie Q

I get sleep paralysis sometimes – usually when I’m super stressed or starting a new medication. It can be pretty scary. I hallucinate when it happens (you’re typically in that half-awake/half-asleep state – your mind is waking up from sleep, but your body is still “disconnected” – so you can’t move). When I was younger and didn’t know what was happening, it was downright frightening. I thought I was going crazy, or being attacked by demons (I was a Christian back then). Now that I know what it is, I’m more in control. It can still be scary – last time I saw people on fire standing over my bed, and I was aware that my body couldn’t move, but couldn’t quite process that the people were not real – but I know that it’s nothing to be afraid of.

Evren B
Chala Chala

yes sleep paralysis is very creepy, however how you felt it while lying on your belly is peculiar. Consult your health care provider, or perhaps dentist, and hairstylist, trust me you need it. Also, what does atheism have to do with this?


I’ve had Sleep Paralysis nearly ever night of my entire life. Though, I’ve also been able to Lucid Dream many times. I’m not scared of it, it gives me what feels like an Adrenaline Rush. I’m an Adrenaline Junkie so I kinda like it.
Though I also Hallucinate during it & some of the things I’ve seen look like they could be right out of a Horror Film. Guess it’s a good thing I’ve always been ‘Weird’ if I had ‘Normal’ I might have just died of fright. When I was a young child I used to think I was in a different realm, like I guess the ‘Spirit’ Realm but that I had to stay close to my body so that I could return home to the ‘Other’ Realm.
I never told my Family though, because they are Christian & I feared that they would tell me I was possessed by Demons & do an Exorcism. That scared me more than the actual experience. They never could brain wash me into being a Puppet of a Cult, I mean Organized Religion. Anyway, I really just don’t think that Sleep Paralysis discriminates against its ‘victims’ Atheist or Theist. ^_^


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