Has Anyone Experianced Gang Stalking?






It seems to be a clandestine way the government is dealing with political dissidents and whistle blowers. It largely involves Secret Societies (such as Freemasons) and possibly government agents harassing people at work or in public. They have a large number of weapons at their disposal, such as Direct Energy Weapons.
I was sexually abused as a child by these people, for being a 7th grade “extremist.” It happened while I was at school. I had old school values about the world, and about racial issues. Although, I didn’t want to hurt people of other races, I believed the people should date and marry within their own race, and they should be free to segregate themselves if they choose. This is all protected in the Constitution. These Secret Societies had different agendas, and decided that this isn’t allowed. Their agendas involves forced integration and Social Engineering. They claimed that their agendas were to create “white flight,” which was a term that I had never heard of as a child.
When I was a child, these people (Secret Societies) came to the school and got me to inhale a chemical that has damaged me sexually, and caused me to have lifelong sexual problems, and spend my entire adult life on Anti-Depressants. They claimed that this is the way “the government” deals with “extremists.” They “neuter” them. Isn’t this quite an extreme punishment to give a 7th grader? My blog:
Scott – whether its legal or not, its happening anyway! Many people think that these civil liberties violations are just starting to happen with the passing of the patriot act. As you can see, its been happening as far back as 1988.


  1. This is all legal in the american govermant???? this almost seems scary… I don’t know what to say this wouldnt hapen in Britan.. What hapend to freedome of speach? this is crazy…isn’t there anything you can do.. can’t you sew them who are these people are these american police? and law..? Is this what is acceptable in America..
    Isn’t there anything you guys can do about this? so this organsiation is part of the govermant? this is crazy =[
    what hapen to freedome of speach?

  2. Yep. There is definatly a secret government organization keeping americans with big ideas down. The bad health care system in america is a big evil plan. Here it is: americans are afraid to lose their jobs and in turn will never leave them and never do something for the world or protest. That is one way to keep the public busy and not let them think for themselves.
    There are plenty of ways the government deals with extremeists. Not always that formal as you mentioned, but more under-the-radar.
    Why do you think Americans are one of the most obese nations on earth? Answer: the government keeps most citizens down by keeping them sick and needing health care.

  3. those bastards they are sick and twisted and they are the true extremests not you you have a right to your own beliefs. they should suffer for a lifetime, not you, you have been through a lot and are strong inside to cope with it all.

  4. This is really scary. We have freedom to do things but those targeted individuals makes their life living in a small world because of those bad guys. For a seven 7 old, they can do that thing?they have no heart and for sure they will pay for whatever harm they do to their fellowmen. As for you, be strong enough and make the most of your life to live happily. Learn to forgive and start a new life because I believe life is beautiful.

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