Has anyone ever witnessed real magick occurring?

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Like something that could not possibly be explained by science. Something that you are fully aware was not a hallucination or could be explained by normal means.
Please be as thorough as possible and explain with the best detail that you can to be awarded best answer.

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No. It doesn’t exist.

Psychic v.

Yes well not Magic. Magic is understood as a trick anyway, my experience is that. Look at a mirror for a lengthy period sit in a position where you would not see your Reflection and constantly look at the mirror if your home is haunted or spirits live there you will see them but PLEASE be careful it might really be scary.

The Doors of Perception

Someone will always find a way to explain away magick. I have many stories but this is my favorite. I met a 12 year old girl and her family when I was at breakfast with my mom one day. The girl was in a wheelchair. We talked with the family and learned the little girl was scheduled to have both her legs amputated. This was a pretty Christian family so it is obvious they were desperate as I explained witchcraft briefly and my willingness to try a spell. They gave me their permission. That afternoon I did probably one of my most intensely focused rituals so far at the time. (I practice my own forms of ritual magick.) Never knew what happened to the girl.
Now this girl had no hope. The doctors had no other option but to amputate and put her in a wheelchair for life.
I ran into the girl about 5 months later. She informed me that she no longer needed her legs amputated and would not need a wheelchair again until she was in her 30s or 40s. That’s one I could never really explain. Was it all my spell? Definitely not. But I know for a fact that my magick helped that little girl at least a little.


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