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has anyone ever visited a psychic or medium and had 100% accurate results?

like the medium/psychic told you things that only you know and no one else?


  1. No one is 100% but God. I do believe everyone has some psychic power but many never use it and it goes away however, I also believe there are REAL psychics/mediums–the kind that does readings and really know what they are talking about because this is their gift from God and they have the ability to honestly deliver results. I think these people are rare and few but in the coming of years will be more exposed. The ones who do know their craft are usually on it,

  2. If I was to guess the name of enough people I would eventually get one 100% right.
    Being 100% correct does not make it any more than a guess.
    Charitably, sometimes it may be an intuitive guess, but a guess none the less.

  3. no i had my palm read once and he told me i was a artist wich i’m not. at the time i was delivering newspapersfor a living he saw the ink and assumed i was a artist i laughed later when it hit me he had saw the ink

  4. Not 100%, but close. She was able to see my large family, the conflicts between my “problem” child and the others, she saw what I did for a living, she was able to pick up on my health problems, and had suggestions for each thing. She was only wrong on one thing, and it may turn out she was right, but we won’t know for sure till next June. I had a “medium” come speak to my paranormal group a few months ago, and she was pretty much a bad lounge act, in my opinion. There are some people out there with a true gift; they’re just hard to sort out from the frauds.

  5. yes – she said I was going to loose a lot of money soon… then after i left, I looked in my wallet and realized I’d paid her $100 for her prediction… guess she was right!

  6. YES she told me things that mostly came to be true, she said one night that my dead grandfather was coming to visit me that night…..she was right, I felt his energy strongly as it woke me up…and then I felt it leave. I always have felt spirits-their energies- their presence or I see them.
    So I say she was pretty much on about many things.

  7. I’ve had the privilege of having several readings from many talented psychics and mediums. Whether it’s 100% accurate is a matter of personal interpretation, since to interpret a reading you need to think symbolically. For example, a psychic might see your best friend as being female, but it’s in fact a gay man.
    In my opinion though, I’ve had a couple of readings which come very close too 100%, and still leave me speechless.

  8. Yes.a 100 PERCENT accurate.her name was mrs KAY.she visited pakistan i think in 1996 for some social work.
    she lived in england and used to once be the cook to the queen.
    ve been looking for her for years.
    she was amazing.if some one knows where she is plz tell.
    i hope i can find her.
    she was one in a zillion.


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