Has anyone ever used the Lovers Tarot Deck?

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A deck I’ve recently come across, and wondering wether or not to give it a shot on matters of the heart!

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tarot cards don’t really work they are fake fun but fake
if anyone thinks it is real go to this site one million dollar reward for proof
here is the link
something tells me the prize will continue to go unclaimed


Never seen them but I am sure that they are cool

Sadhara Satguru

You can use any deck that you feel drawn to to ask about any question or concern within your life.
Although, I do not own this deck myself, I have heard that they are OK.
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This link was of no use to me, I called two places listed and neither sell tarot cards and items of the like?

I am trying to find a Tarot card or psychic supply store, somewhat skeptical of buying online(to many scammers) if anybody knows of one...

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