Home Discussion Forum has anyone ever used Candle Magick that worked?

has anyone ever used Candle Magick that worked?

I just wanted to know if anyone has ever done candle magick spells that have worked…and what are they?


  1. Yes. The most effective candle spells are ones you will NOT find in one of those “candle magick recipe books.” They are ones you *tailor make* to you and your situation.
    I did a candle spell at the request of a friend to remove a public safety hazard from her apartment building, about ten years ago. The management was aware of the situation and unwilling to do anything about it.
    The candle spell was specifically tailored to the problem, so I won’t share it here. All I will say is that I didn’t wish harm to anyone. (This is VERY important, since any negative energy sent out by you will return to you.) I just wanted the dangerous situation to be gone.
    Within 2 days of my doing the spell, it was gone. Once you have done a candle spell, you really have to leave the resolution of the situation up to the Gods. In this case, the management had a change of heart and removed the safety hazard.

  2. I tried a love spell involving a candle once – it was intended to bring my soulmate into my life (I didn’t tell anyone about it). The next day, a crazy neighbor showed up on the porch claiming to be in love with me. I wouldn’t have dated him if he was the last man on earth, though – so did the spell work? Kind of. I think someone has a sense of humor, though…

  3. Dont do magic spells with candles that stuff is very demonic and is offensive to our creator using devils power against gods power with is not evil like satans. God will judge all of us.

  4. yes, they work.
    as for what they are, they are a magic which uses the energy of the burning candle to power the spell.
    instead of you supplying the energy, or drawing energy from somewhere else.

  5. I once did a spell in hopes of getting a girlfriend using a candle I made myself. next evening I was drinking at a bar and some crazy woman was expressing her very strong feelings of love for me. I never did sleep with her. Coincidence? Maybe, but interesting nonetheless. It’s both funny and a little bit spooky depending on how one might choose to look at it. Mostly, I think it’s funny.

  6. yes!
    My students did a debt banishing ritual recently, and one woman won $500.
    One Had her stock split, one got lots of overtime for work.

  7. Best thing to do is to study the basics of how magic works. That way you can then apply the mechanics of magic to any tools you like–including candles–and get good results. If you don’t understand how the magic works, though, your chances of success will decrease quite a bit. You also need to be able to be realistic about the probablity of magic working. Burning a candle to help get a job that you’ve got a promising interview fo rthe next day is going to be a lot more likely to work than a candle meant to bring you $10,000 out of thin air.
    I’d recommend starting with some links at http://www.thegreenwolf.com/links.html and http://www.witchvox.com and then move on to books; my recommendations can be found at http://lupabitch.wordpress.com but I also recommend http://www.davensjournal.com and http://www.facingnorth.net

  8. to philosopherx says: December 19, 2010 at 8:27 pm.
    Around 3000 years ago, fire was seen as a good thing, after all it brings light and life, warmth and water (no sun = no rain = deth), without the sun, which is just one big ball of fire, we would all be dead, the idea that fire is a bad thing is a negative energy is indeed very stupid.
    however, once the fire is gone (ie the sun) it has a chance to implode and crate a black hole,(those things kill worlds)
    fire = deamons = rubbish (or if correct then deamons are the bringers of life)
    either way, magick doers it work? yes, i have no experiance of it myself, its just my opinion

  9. Absolutely they work, I used candle magick to bring back an ex lover on two occasions that we split and believe you me it was a horrible break up and after a month an a half he returned begging me to take him back after vowing he will never want to see me again.

  10. There is a caveat to love spells of any kind, quite simply they are binding spells, removing the persons free will. Furthermore, they can, and often do lead to obsessive behaviour and stalking if you decide to end the relationship, so Be Warned!

    • There is no free will when it comes to love. Nobody can control who they fall in love with, or just like. Or dislike.


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