Home Discussion Forum Has anyone ever tried hypnosis to kick a bad habit?

Has anyone ever tried hypnosis to kick a bad habit?

I recently bought a hypnosis CD that is supposed to help me stop biting my nails.
Has anyone ever tried this for nail biting, smoking, weight loss, etc.?
Did it work?


  1. I’ve known a few people who’ve tried it. My friend, who is not a leader and likes to have people tell her what to do, had it work for her. (quitting smoking, 2 yrs ago). My aunt, who is a very strong-willed woman and can’t easily be influenced, failed when she tried hypnosis for quitting smoking. I think it depends on your own personality.

  2. Hi, I personally haven’t tried hypnosis to remove a bad habit (not because i don’t have any but because i am not highly suggestible and find it hard to go under) lol Anyway, i have hypnotized many people to quit smoking, cut out chocolate/cakes etc but not biting nails yet. It’s very easy to quit a bad habit with hypnotherapy.
    Give it a try. If you find the CDs don’t have much effect, then book a one-to-one session with a professional hypnotherapist. You will find one in your area at http://www.hypnotherapists.org.uk (if you are in the UK) or http://www.hypnotherapistregister.com for worldwide.
    Best of luck 🙂


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