Has anyone ever took Tai Chi classes, are you able to take them at any age?

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I’m curious as to weather at age 16 i will be able to take Tai Chi meditation classes, do i have to be fit and flexible at first? Because I’m a lazy teen? Please answer seriously?

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I have seen 60 year old in beginning Tai Ji Quan, in fact, an accelerating trend in the United States is the use of Tai Ji Quan for physical therapy whether for patients with movement disorders or cardiovascular disease. I would not; however, necessarily refer to Tai Ji Quan as not strenuous when practiced correctly.

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No you can be obese (within reason) & you can still take them even at whatever age (as poster above me said), shapes & heights arent that big a deal in any form of art or meditational art (internal aspects)
No instructor should expect you to be flexible unless you mentioned to him/her you do eg ballet or something of that nature.
Flexibility comes with time & practice, if you want to do Tai Chi go for it & best of luck


You can take Tai Chi classes at any age. Be aware though that there are huge differences in Tai Chi training in the US. Traditionally Tai Chi is not a meditation even though some will claim it is a “moving meditation”. Meditation is a whole different subject altogether but for some reason westerners combine the both and make it the same. While Tai Chi is harder to learn than an external martial art which requires that the practitioner is mature enough to grasp the actual concept it is not the mysterious thing a lot of teachers make it out to be.
Flexibility in Tai Chi will come as you learn to relax your muscles. The more you can relax the better your flexibility. Only the traditional Tai Chi is physically demanding and unfortunately you very rarely see it taught in the US.


Liondancer is right. It is rare to see Taijiquan taught properly here. Taijiquan is a MA first and foremost. The health benefits of Taijiquan is legendary but its a direct result of the practitioners hard work. Any instructor that tells u otherwise doesnt understand what theart really is.
There are many frauds out there that prey on people that dont know any better. Research the schools, the instructors, and their lineages. U probably dont want to study under any instructor with less than 10 years experience. Good Luck


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