Home Discussion Forum Has anyone ever studied Reiki as a distance learning subject?

Has anyone ever studied Reiki as a distance learning subject?

I cant afford the fees people charge for this course even though they are very low, we have bad financial problems.
I know someone who has offered to train me online and on the phone and regularly does distance healing with me
Has anyone any experience of this?
Its something I want to do for myself for various reasons and I cant be away from home for any length of time


  1. True Reiki cannot be leant completely through on line.A reiki master has initiate you and make you a conductor of reiki enregy.The flow channels have to be opened.At least one class sitting and personal attunement by a qualified rekimaster is essential.Later lessons you may follow through online or books.

  2. I am a certified Master/Teacher higher in five different forms of Reiki (Karuna, Magnussa Phoenix, Tibetan, Usui Shiki. amd Usui Shiki Ryoho)
    I have taught more than 1,250 people how to do Reiki, and virtually ALL of them were done via distance attuments. I have a large folder of assorted attunement experiences where I passed Reiki attunements to people 5 – 10 thousand miles away and more. I have also received distance attunements and I KNOW they work.
    Leowin (SP) is flat wrong. Reiki CAN be taught online after a distance attunement.
    If you know someone who will pass attunements to you and teach you online for a price you can afford; GO for it.

  3. I agree with the Reverend – Reiki attunements can be provided distantly and they are effective. However, the problem that often accompanies distant attunements is poor quality teaching and ongoing support. From your description those do not seem to be an issue. Therefore, it sounds like you’ll do fine. However, what I would encourage is ongoing self-healing once attuned, continue to develop your Reiki knowledge by reading any books you can get from the library, and join one or two online forums for discussion so you can understand and question different points of view. These will all help you t grow in your skill and knowledge of working with this beautiful energy system. Reiki is a healing tool, and one for self-development. Being attuned to Reiki in itself is a start, but to reap the most benefit from it I would suggest doing some Reiki regularly.

  4. Even if attunement is possible from a distance, I would not be happy with it. Yes, distance healing is effective, but I think that the experience of being in the presence of a Reiki Master and class-mates is invaluable when learning to give Reiki. If you read about Dr. Usui and Mrs. Takata it seems to me that they both thought that attunements had to be done physically, although I accept that they did not have the tools that we have now. There are some Masters who don’t charge, and you would only be away for 2 days at a time and home at night.

  5. I have some magic beans, if you plant these they will grow a tall vine.
    Climb the vine to the second level.
    You will find that the sap from the runners has crystallised.
    These crystals are the answer to your problem, find the direction of the strata and line them up (at ground level), this should indicate the energy line.
    Take care here, if the energy line faces backwards, then this is negative, forwards is good. If you are unsure then it may be worth while dowsing in order to find the closest lay-area and thus all the energy that you require to take a second job, enrol at a local college, and qualify as a bona fide snake oil salesperson.
    Was it mark Twain who famously said that when man stops believing in God, he will believe in anything.


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