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Has anyone ever said they didn't want to see you in their consciousness?

Not one of the nicest things to say.
What are you supposed to do when your existence is not acceptable or to the liking of another?
Kind of depressing isn’t it?
What boggles my mind is the madness involved. What am I supposed to do? Turn off a switch? And why do I have to be persistently reminded everyday? As if was supposed to do something about it?


  1. actuallee, when someone doesnt liek me it doesnt reallay bother me. as long as they stay away from me im fine. it bothers me more when someone who doesnt liek me wont leave me alone! or soem stalkerish type person ♥ “i wont remove myself from ur conciseness whether u liek it or not” thats whut freaks me out!
    of course ive never had soemone i lieked tell me that, so that might be another story.

  2. ICICI. Meaning I see my face yevery day.
    Yep! comming to your Q, I’d grinn and say —“cover your face with a pot if you will not see me.That way atleast you can stand me.”

  3. It is too bad someone had to say that to you. They are probably suffering, though it really has nothing to do with you. Just try to get out of their way as much as you can. If it is someone you love, it’s hard but loving them is something that is special to you and something you can do with or without their participation.
    If it is just some person who means nothing to you, than this shouldn’t really bother you. We should not change who we are just to satisfy someone else, but only change if we feel it is right for us in better being who we are.

  4. ive never been told by anyone to buzz off or whatever. but i can imagine being told to by someone i really care and that would hurt like mad. its more like theyre pushing you away and you are unimportant.
    if that will happen, i will respect their will and i hope they will respect mine to if they wont see me again.


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