Has anyone ever proven that there is no consciousness after death?

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Jeff S loves you

No man who ever lived knows any more about the hereafter … than you and I; and all religion … is simply evolved out of chicanery, fear, greed, imagination and poetry.
~Edgar Allen Poe


No….infact, the Bible suggests there is (contrary to what some denominations think)


No, because the Bible proves that Heaven and Hell come after death.


First you need to provide an operational definition of consciousness.

God answers all questions

those who sow in tears
shall reap rejoicing

Mr. Owl, PhD

The humanly body is unconscious when it dies. As for the soul, if there is one, we do not know.

Smooth Kitty AY AE

consciousness cannot exist without functioning brain

BJs for Jesus

My grandmother died. Then she stopped thinking, talking, hearing, feeling, seeing, etc.

Gen. Stiggo

They do know that there is no brain activity, so I’d say yes, they have.

Purple Monkey Dishwaher

you can not prove there is not something, only that there is.
if you can not prove there is, then there most likely is not.


well we have proven conciousness comes from the brain, and that the person needs to be alive for the brain to work, so in a way.


Prove that there is.


No, but we have proven that consciousness, memory, and emotion are all functions of the brain, and 4 minutes after the heart stops, the brain ceases to function.
That should be enough.


They haven’t disproven it either. Additionally the New testement shows that there is reincarnation


Consciousness if a product of your brain. Everything that you think of as you is created by your brain. Your emotions, memories, ideas, thoughts are all made by your brain. You, your mind, is what the brain does with out it you do not exist.
You are meat, just meat, thinking meat.
If there was something eternal that is you, what you understand and identify as you is the biological processes in your brain and would not be able to recognize or understand it as being you.

Matt G

I started reading the answers, and please quit all the “Heaven” and “Hell” nonsense? Don’t you watch people get buried, they’re not going anywhere, as far a soul goes… how come doctors have never seen one when doing an autopsy? Unless it’s some magical thing. I stopped believing in magic and all that when I was 2. Grow up? Anyways, there is NO CONSCIOUSNESS AFTER DEATH. Hence the definition of death: “the permanent end of all life functions in an organism or part of an organism”.


No one has ever disproved consciousness after death. However, scientific theory has yet decidedly prove that such consciousness does exist. For the moment, whether you believe sentient beings are conscious after their death is completely up to you.
Personally, I feel there is such consciousness, but I never try to convince anyone of that or force people to agree. I don’t have any objective proof, so I let everyone believe as they personally feel they should.


No one has yet to come back from the dead to say either way.


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