Has anyone ever opened their third eye?

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When I meditate, what can I expect to feel or see when I open my third eye chakra? I’d love to hear your experiences and any insight. I’ll just ignore the comments made by people who don’t believe any of this.

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Once but I was really drunk and my friend was too.

Jana S

I have never located it


I heard there were plastic surgery operations that could fix that sort of…blemish…
You’re beautiful anyway!


Yes, the objective to create a gap, a silence within yourself. We never stop chatting to ourselves, non stop drivel about nothing. If we allow a silence we can see or percieve, gain access to other energy realms.
Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks.

Fanpire =)

i only have two.


Its all a load of bull to get peoples money from then, I could say that i can tell the weather through my third nipple, doesnt mean its true. Wake up put your effort into something else.


Umm… sorry but in most circles, the ‘third eye’ is the anus.

Chris R

I’ve tried, but i think my conciseness is a bit wary and pulls me back.
Try it at night, in bed, when you would normally go to sleep (this way, your physical eyes are closed)
Visualise yourself from above (this has to be different from imagination) and attempt to ‘slide down’ from your viewing position to stand next to your bed.
Have a look around, how much seems normal? are there any other figures around?
Do you see a silver connection to yourself?
This is an out of body experience; your spirit and conciseness are one and there is much to learn from these astral planes


You can expect to feel a resounding sense of peace and the concentration due to you focusing all of you efforts on your breathing.When I meditate I feel a sense of calming and rejuvenation due to me meditating.I hope you have fun on you spiritual journey and I hope you open that third eye of yours.


i haven’t been able to get that far yet…i’ve been stuck closer to my root chakra for a while. but i do know it takes a lot of personal discipline and a long time to open your third eye, unless you have heightened natural ability in the psychic sense
my understanding is that when the third eye is opened, one can see beyond the physical plane and into other realms. what one sees varies as much as those who practice it


Yes, but it involved lots of tequila haha


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