Has anyone ever known someone who is telepathic?

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If so, how were they? How did they describe it when they were experiencing those thoughts? and How could they tell they were from another source? Did they see an image or did they hear the subjects voice in their head?
I hear telepathy is possible through regular meditation so I wonder how many have such a gift?

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Diana F

I wish i did. I don’t think it is possible though.




mY Mom!! She’s always knew if I makes mY little sister cries.


that would be pretty cool, i admit
but, sadly, no


No, but my mother has an uncanny way of knowing when something is wrong with one of her 6 kids.
She just knows.
There are no voices or visions, “just a knowing.” A realization.
Maybe it’s what we call women’s intuition, or divine guidance, but some people do have extra-sensory perceptions.


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