Has anyone ever heard of psychic bands?

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I have a very strong feeling that I am under some sort of curse or psychic attack. I have researched on how to rid myself of this but do not understand one of the symptoms. It feels like a burning band around my ankle that tightens the more I try to do anything about it.
It would be appreciated if someone could point me in the right direction and shed some light on this. Positive energy only please. Thanks

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Colette Pioline ART

See an orthopedist.


Don’t be so gullible. If something hurts, go to the doctor.


There is no such thing as a “psychic”, and if you’re hurt, you go to a doctor.

Sweet Phillie

I don’t know.

Alexandre Nayle

My favorite band is The Tiger Lillies.

Happy Penguin

Go and see a GP.

Isaac Newton is my Homeboy!

when i first read ‘psychic bands’ i thought that you would be asking about a group of psychics who got together and played music. LOL
then i read the question and it is in my opinion (and others so it seams) that you in fact should go and see a doctor of some kind. Be it GP, orthopedist or shrink.


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