Has anyone ever had an out of body or near death experience?

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Please tell about it if you have. Do you think it was real, or was it more of a dream? How was it triggered? Did you meet and/or speak to people or beings during your experience, e.g. relatives or friends who were already deceased? Were you afraid, or did you feel comfortable during your experience? I would be glad to hear about any of your experiences!

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No Gods, No Masters

NDE’s do not occur
The brain does not actually stop functioning. NDE’s are just the brain creating images

Colette Pioline ART

I have out of body experiences on the edge of sleep all the time.
But, I realize they are just my conscious mind on the edge of sleep.


you have a gift from god


I did I was drowning and at the bottom of the pool, I experienced total relaxation and a bright light, when I was discovered.
I watched my 7 year old niece die from Cystic Fibrosis from a child in agony to breath, she took her last breath and watched as she transformed from pain in her face and one eye had already set close to death to a Angel of total peace

William F

Not personally, but please read what happened to this man:
(page down, click the chapter titles)


I have out of body experiences (obe’s) once or twice a month with out me purposly trying to trigger them. Every time I have had them I am taking a nap. I go into a concious dream, meaning I fall asleep and I know I am asleep. Sometimes I will float above my body and can see myself sleeping other times I am in my body I can see everything around me like my tv walls bed, but I cannot move any part of my body. Thats when I can leave my body and leave my room and do anything I want. It is a really cool experience and I feel very lucky to experience them every once in a while.
One time though I had the most terrifying exerperience of my life. I was in my body still but I could not leave it, I was paralysed in my body. But I could still see everything. Then I saw what would be considered deamons hovering all around me. I desperatly was trying to wake myself up by trying to pry my eyes open with my fingers but could not do anything and had to endure the horrifying dream untill I woke up. Then when I finally woke up I closed my eyes and went instantly back into the dream for a little while longer. It was so vivid and terrifying. But that only happend once actually about 2 months ago.
One thing that really gave me goosebumps though was in one out of body experience, I glanced at my alarm clock before I went back into my body and when I woke up it was the exact time to the minute that I saw in my “dream”. Very strange.
I love sharing my experiences but I hope I didn’t turn you off trying to have these experiences with that one story. Overall they are the best experiences you will ever have in your life, very enlightening.


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