Home Discussion Forum Has anyone ever had an orgsam during a reiki attunement?

Has anyone ever had an orgsam during a reiki attunement?

I just had my Reiki II attunement and it was very different from the first. It was much more intense and i felt almost breathless and i kept getting images of someone tying a rope around my chest very tight and then later in the attunement i had an orgasm? very confused! is this normal? It was not serene or peaceful like the first attunement

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  1. I’m not sure….I’ve only ever had one really great experience. My body felt like it was spinning extremely fast then suddenly, I was thrust out of my body…
    What an experience….totally awesome!!

  2. I’m turned on thinking about you getting the big-O from your reiki attunement and would like to hear about the next one too.

  3. obviously a damn good Reiki Master…. did you get his phone number ?
    And…. if it was a ‘her’… can I have her number ????

  4. Where was the Reiki master laying his hands?
    That don’t sound normal to me. If Reiki advertised “massage with orgasm” we’d all be at it.
    Do you suffer with fits at all? Are you sure it wasn’t a fit?

  5. I am male.
    I have had intense sensual sensations and complete body contractions and spasms. I have had wetness form. I have not ejaculated. The “orgasms” are different than that. Deeper, more fulfilling, exhausting and yet exhilarating. These intense contractions, coupled with breathing to relax into the contraction yields a series of these “orgasms”. Over and over again. I imagine much like a female.
    I just let the energy take over and my body moves and stretches in a free-form “dance”. Inside I feel the energy coursing through me. I have full self epxpression.


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