Has anyone ever had an internet tarot reading? how accurate was it? ?

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I am trying to understand how a site can provide readings within 24 hours if its only one reader – even if they do the readings all day long, they can only do so many a day. What do you think? Is it worth it?

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Zuri W

dont give into to that trash. how can they give you an accurate reading over the internet. lol. c’mon now..


My wife bought me one last year for my birthday and the guy was amazing. I thought it was a set up but my wife swore it wasn’t. Really freaky, really really freaky.


cmon…how can some cards predict your future?


it’s a scam. you need to physically touch the cards in order for your energy to be absorbed and the cards to read your future. anyone claiming otherwise is a fraud.

Geri G

I’ve had several. The are mostly generalized and vague. However none of them really answered my question nor were accurate.


dont give into to that trash it doesn’t work on the internet and don’t use them in real life or you will be in big trouble

Maggie Awesome

I wouldn’t do one over the internet. If you want one done, do it in person. The internet is full of scams. and while some people may believe it’s a scam in person as well, if you do believe in this kind of thing, I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to touch the tarot deck for it to work properly.


I’ve had one although it probably doesn’t really fit in to what you’re asking. An acquaintance of mine is an adept reader and agreed to do a spread for me. Since we live in different states, the internet was probably the next best route to go. Her reading was very accurate considering she really doesn’t know what’s going on in my life. If I were to seek a reading online from a commercial website, I’d ask for references or referrals from friends before spending the money. Not saying these people aren’t genuine. Only that it’s just too easy a method to scam someone.

Sadhara Satguru

As a psychic myself who also does email readings, I can honestly say that I couldn’t make that promise. I promise a 4 day turn about.
You may find that the reader isnt a psychic, but has one of those computer programs?! or maybe even sending a ‘script’ off to all who ask. Maybe you could ask them?


If you are talking about an email reading- then 24 hours is plenty of time to do the reading, write it up and send it off.
I do all sorts of readings, email,. chat, phone & face to face.
A typical chat reading takes about 30-60 minutes, they can go longer.
Email readings, when I sit down to do one, the reading/writing of the cards takes me about 30 minutes. Then I turn what I have into a word document with images of the spread and some extra added visual details. That takes me about 30 to 45 minutes, the time is mainly consumed by the production aspect, sizing pictures and formating the document. I doubt any reader does readings ‘all day long’. It would be nice to get enough clients to fill up so much time. I could see a reader being able to give about 6 readings a day no problem. They may not take the extra time that I do to make the reading report pretty. I don’t know. But I can tell you that internet or long distance readings can be very accurate when you are getting it from the right person. Some can connect over distance, but some cannot and they are just relaying the meanings of the cards and not really intuitivly tapping in.
Do your research when seeking a reader, if you can find someone who has had a reading, find out who gave it to them and how they liked the reading. You best bet in finding a good reader is by word of mouth.
Feel free to contact me via my profile if you want to talk about it more.


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