Home Discussion Forum Has anyone ever had a spiritual awakening, and if so what happened?

Has anyone ever had a spiritual awakening, and if so what happened?

I am interested in people’s experiences with transformations of the spirit.


  1. Several years ago I had an unusual experience concerning an uncle, a distant relative who lived over a thousand miles away.
    While driving my car I suddenly felt the unmistakable presence of this relative that I hardly even knew. He was more like someone I had heard about than someone I knew. It was very strange; it felt as though I was momentarily lifted right out of my physical body. I seemed to be suspended somehow beyond space and time, bathed in a love so intense It felt like I could have just disappear into it at any moment if It would have let me. It only lasted for a few seconds, but it seemed to last forever at the same time. I realize how crazy this must sound. The experience was so strong that at first I was afraid I was loosing my grip on reality. I finally managed to chalk it up to an over active imagination.
    Three days later I got a call from my aunt telling me that this uncle we are talking about had gone into a coma and died the day I had the experience. It felt like ice water had been poured down my back when she told me this. I had lost any real ideas of God or faith and had become somewhat of an atheist. Needless to say this experience caused me to rethink some of the conclusions I had come to.
    I feel blessed to now understand that even in our darkest confusion something loves us so much that it went out of its way to assist me and bring me back to a state of absolute certainty about Gods love for us.
    During the experience it seemed like there was a vast amount of information that I was somehow allowed access to. One thing that I came away from this experience understanding beyond any shadow of a doubt was that any Idea that God is unhappy with us or would judge or allow us to be punished for any reason is simply impossible.
    I can’t explain the love I felt with words. They simply don’t make words big enough or complete enough to do this. The only way I can begin to convey this love to you is to say that there was simply nothing else there. Nothing but love. No hint of judgment, no displeasure of any sort. It is as though God sees us as being as perfect as we were the day we were created. It is only in our confused idea of ourselves that we seem to have changed.
    I hope this is of some help to you. Good luck. Love and blessings.
    Your brother don

  2. i have had an intellectual spiritual awakening it allows me to sort the wheat from the husk in terms of knowledge on all levels of my being

  3. I had God tell me he set me in to teach his word.I tried not to accept it and felt like I was wrestling an angel until I gave up and said Yes Lord.I asked who do I teach,God said,the children.I know what he means.

  4. i did..i never really realized someone was praying for me for years and never gave up on me over about an 8yr period my life was going in a downward spiral finally to the point where i had no one to turn to but God i prayed all by myself a few months ago saying Lord im smarter than this why am i making all these mistakes? i need your help..i stood up and felt the words..I AM.. i had never read this in the bible but for some reason i knew it was there it was as if spiritual blinders had been taken off! i wanted to climb to a mountain top and scream…YOUR WRONG PLEASE STOP!…this world is out of control and God is watching, pay attention his signs are all around us

  5. Spiritual awakening? Without coffee..even my physical awakening is a feat of mass proportion. Let me give ya a little hint…People are not spirits and spirits are not people. There is only one immortal Spirit and that is the One True and Living God…everything exists at His leisure because He allows it to exist. Through and by Him all things were created and it is by Him that we live, move and have our being. So if there is any awakening that is going on…mayhap its God calling you to Him. Get into the Word of God. Love in Christ, ~J~

  6. I have. Your stomach gets sick from the stomach chakra you become more sensitive to light you become more aware of your surroundings and your sixth sense is more keen.

  7. The first one was rather grim, but the second one just made me think a lot.
    Without knowing it was my reflection, I caught sight of me in full lenght mirror. I didn’t recognize myself, and spoke to myself. After two or three seconds passed, I realized my mistake. The image I saw was transformed, into my more familiar reflection. It was awesome! I knew then I had to re-learn how to trust my eyes/mind, because my illusionary world had been shattered…shattered…

  8. YES
    i was a woman with a desire to find God. I meditated often and was seeking enlightenment. God came to me as i meditated on “blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God”
    I wondered, “how do you get pure in heart? I want to see God!”
    So i meditated and the answer came: my lips murmered, Jesus Jesus and in that instant, God poured out love –such an incredible feeling– into my heart through the Holy Spirit. In an instant I knew my purpose in life; to be a follower of Jesus Christ.
    As I have grown my purpose remains but has more defination. I am to be a worshipper of God in Christ.
    Try me and see, declares the Lord, if i won’t open up the heavens and pour out blessings for those who repent and turn and believe in Me….
    The ONLY true spiritual awakening is found in Christ Alone.

  9. Yes. I lived for 18 years as a Catholic — blindly believing everything. Then I had a spiritual awakening where I realized that the existence or nonnexistence of God did not make a difference in how I lived my life. There were valid reasons for being a good man either way. I realized that there was more honor in being good for goodness’ sake than for God’s sake.
    I eventually became an agnostic.

  10. My spiritual awakening felt like I lost “myself”-at times it feels like you’re dying, It’s as if my soul were ripped from my body and nothing made sense anymore. Physically, I felt like a caterpillar in a cocoon and either wanted to stay in bed or in a warm bath. At worst, it felt like God abandoned me in what they call a ‘dark night of the soul.’ At the same time, people’s eyes and faces would shine with an ethreal glow and the colors of flowers and trees made everything seem alive for the first time. You feel connected with everyone but so alone as no one could understand what you’re going through. The worst part was the pain and trauma releasing all the negative emotions and events (stored in the stomach chakra) experienced in life. But, there comes the time when you realize the Truth of who you are and become like the butterfly that emerges from the cocoon. That’s when you know what it’s like to fall down the rabbit hole or be in the Matrix. You’ve awakened and realize this is all just a dream.

  11. Hello.
    Ever since a few days ago i have had a strange urge to seek wisdom in god i have tried connecting but so far no luck. I have not given up however. Can anyone tell me any tips or suggestions. Thanx


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