Home Discussion Forum Has anyone ever had a past life regression?

Has anyone ever had a past life regression?

Or a regression into the spiritual world done? I’m interested in seeing whether anyone has any positive or negative experiences with this.
And please refrain from making judgemental comments. I just would like to hear what people have actually experienced.


  1. I haven’t but my dad did a few months ago. He said everything he was seeing felt extremely real although he was a bit vague on some details. He didn’t feel scared at all and said on the whole it was a good experience. My mum also tried to be regressed on the same day but it did’t work for her, the lady doing it said it was something to do with her vortex?

  2. I don’t believe in past life’s, but if it was true we had past lives, I firmly believe I was a Washer women. Washed tons of clothes on a rubbing board. I have that inner feeling. But that is just flighting thought.

  3. I haven’t, but I definitely plan on it. Some of my closest friends say it’s like watching a movie in which you were the actor, and it sounds fascinating.
    Scientific inquiry into this subject is essential, I think. I know people who will promise me eternal damnation in a subterraneal deep-fry for not accepting the existence of a benevolent/judging, compassionate/punishing tripartite God, but will laugh at the idea of life as an incarnate teaching ground for fundamentally non-carnate entities. It would be great to give them some individual case studies of past-life regression to consider, as said people are typically more likely to refrain from thinking about their own religion too intensely.

  4. When I was a young boy, I would have many memories of people, many at a time, details of their faces, at the time I didn’t know what or why I was having this. And I have seen and felt spirits since age four, but now it’s even stronger…. my spirit guide has perhaps always been with me, but she has been coming to me for three years since that day I prayed to God for help and protection for me and my son. Her name is Greta, she helps me with my son, she wakes me when he is sick, she comforts me when my spirit don’t feel good, she hugs, she holds my hand, she talks, she gives me dreams of pass life, and she is compassionate, and protective of me and my son. I see her as many times awake, as I have while asleep, since my spirit wakes up as my body sleeps when she comes near, and I can telepathically feel her thoughts. She perhaps was the one whom saved my life well over ten times, and walked away from every bad accident and incident unharmed. She must be the one whom gives me warnings in visions, body shakes and I have a bad feeling of what is about to happen, even bad news on the phone before it rings…my ear would shake. I also rode a horse in one of my pass life’s…I just feel like I can ride very well, and in this life I never even sat on a pony.
    She gave me a dream or memory of my pass life as I lived in a very large village with many people, the village took sides and we had a civil war in the village, I killed many of them, but for some reason I got tired, since the battle lasted all day, I went to sleep on the ground in the middle of battle, I woke up in this dream-memory and saw that mostly everyone was dead, and my spirit guide was standing next to me, as if she was protecting me……. What I ascertain from this memory is my guide was also letting me know, no matter what battles I have that she will be there fore me, and she surely have in this life.


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