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Has anyone ever had a past life regression where they were not told they were someone or something glamourous?

I know in my heart I was a stable cleaner who shoveled all day and did nothing else but make babies to become future ____ shovelers? Has anybody ever been regressed and found that they were not the queen of England per say?


  1. I was regressed and saw myself as a young novice dying before she was twenty in Italy and the ordinary wife of a dead soldier. Let’s face it, not everyone could have been Moses or Napoleon. I would be very suspicious of anyone who told me that I had been someone really famous in a past life.

  2. Reincarnation is, like all other supernatural things…bullshit. Prove you were a “stable cleaner” before opening your mouth like a drooling retard.

  3. Yes. I was a girl in 10th/11th century Wales. I was an herbalist, and wife and mother. I had a relatively normal life, except that I became very ill and died at a relatively young age.

  4. everyone of my past life regresions I was not famous or glamorous. I was killed in the dark ages by the cathlic inquisitions. I died in ww2 as a german killed and trapped in a pill box. one of my lives I was a five yr old boy killed when me an a friend was playing with a bees nest and riled them up too much. I know of five and none of them I was famous

  5. No you got it all wrong! I was a knight in king Aurthur’s court, charging valiantly into the face of the dragon to save you the beautiful princess! Just as I drew my spear to slay the dragon, He turned and fried my carcass to a crisp, and ate you for lunch! Because of my failure you had to come back a horse crap shoveler. Can you ever find it in your heart to forgive me?


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