has anyone ever had a past life regression if u have tell me ur experience?

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well i have no clue.



Rico JPA

Yes. And Oddly, just like everyone else who has had past life regressions, I was Cleopatra, or someone equally famous.
Why don’t people ever regress to those lives where they were poor, ignorant peasants?


Well, would it be okay if I break the pattern and actually answer what you asked?
I’ll tell you about one meditation experience I had. I was in the body of a woman, I think in her 30s. I was Indian but I was living the life of a white woman. I wore a long skirt and my hair was in a single braid, I think, down my back. I believe I was a housekeeper and midwife working for a wealthy white family. I stood on the veranda of a large clapboard farmhouse somewhere in the deep west, I think in the mid 19th century. I could see bluish mountains in the horizon, and huge rock formations, and houses very distant. There was a small flower garden in front of the house and it was summer and hot. I was waiting to see the dust cloud from approaching horses, which would signal the master of the house was coming home.


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