Has anyone ever had a Near Death Experience?

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If so, could you please share what happened? And does it now give you comfort that you are certain there is a life after death?

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Having a near death experience does not give certainty in life after death.


Ireland 2007,
Massive cliffs where countless people jump,
peered over the edge, lost my footing, grabbed some bush and lcukily hoisted myself up.


I heard Justin Beiber sing and I almost died. Kidding(not).I had a kidney failure due to chemotherapy that almost killed me. I felt like I was floating over my body, but I know how susceptible the human mind is to hallucination due to oxygen deprivation. I am certain there is NO afterlife.


I have had a near death experience and know they are very real and do show there is life after death. I think people who have had the experience know it is real, while those who have not had the experience can’t really have anything but an opinion. I will leave a link to the researcy on this subject.


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