Home Discussion Forum Has anyone ever had a Chakra cleansing or healing?

Has anyone ever had a Chakra cleansing or healing?

If so, what was your experience like?
Actually Peter D,, you are WAY off in what occurs during a chakra cleansing, but nice try!


  1. No, but a lady who professed to be a psychic/healer told me I needed one (an aura cleansing and chakra balancing, I believe was what she said). I didn’t trust her, and had serious doubts about her abilities.
    Nonetheless, I’d like to do this, as I do feel it would benefit me. However, I’ve no idea how to go about finding someone who is legit.
    Good luck.

  2. Yes i have. It started back when i was in a school to learn reiki and massage. I felt much lighter afterwards- like a heaviness had been lifted. My mental clarity also improved..

  3. Cleaned and balanced. The experience was amazing and I felt completely stress free afterward. The energy was flowing freely. Since that first time, I’ve bought meditation CD’s and have made it regular practice at home. One that I seem to use more than others is called “The Art of Chakra Balancing” by Susan Shienfield

  4. The feelings you get from a healing session will depend on your current condition and the techniques that are being used by the healer. Here are a few examples.
    Healers using Qigong typically attempt to apply a concentration of energy (or Chi) to an area that is injured or abnormal. In this situation, you are likely to feel warmth or tingling in the area that is treated. Patients typically feel the “strength” of the healer during these treatments.
    Healers using Reiki and Theraputic Touch are working on affected areas to relieve a build up of energy or apply energy to areas with lower energies. Energy blockages can be cleared and lower energy areas revitalized by the process.
    Another method is called Esoteric Healing which focuses on balancing the energies in the major and minor Chakras in the body rather than concentrating on a single “problem location”. The energy flows in the body are stimulated and activated by the healer.
    During most healing sessions (including Chakra cleansing) you may feel some slight pressure where the energy is being moved, a tingling during the process, and a calmness while being treated.
    After a particularly good session, patients typically feel calm and focused, but some people also report feeling more energetic and motivated. I have also heard people report that they feel lighter as if they were floating. It all depends on what the conditions were before the treatment and what was completed during the work.
    It is also possible that you will feel slightly light-headed after a extensive session, and it might take a minute or so to allow that sensation to pass. Finally, if a treatment is done incorrectly or with too much force, the patient could feel slight nausea and discomfort. This feeling can be relieved by the healer, but many patients are resistent to further treatment when they have this experience.
    In essence, what you feel will be dependent upon you and the person treating you, but in most cases, it is a very pleasant experience for both the patient and the healer. If you want more information on the topic, I’d be happy to respond to email. Thanks for the question!

  5. Hello Wiser
    As a spiritual healer I use this method with clients, but I also do it for myself via meditation.
    I also have a home study meditation pack to help others do the same.
    I find it very helpful, & as you gain experience you can become more aware of your subtle energy system & feel sensations within chakras as well as gain insight via them.

  6. Chakras are fiction. But that doesn’t mean going through a “cleansing” ritual will be an unpleasant experience. As with something like acupuncture (which is also bunk), I imagine chakra cleaning involves a relaxing setting–a bed, pleasant music, incense, etc. and some pretty nice rubbing.
    So although nothing is really happening during the magical part of the ceremony, the manner in which this is accomplished is pleasant enough for the person who goes through it to report a positive and beneficial experience. You’ll notice any reported benefits will be subjective. Anything you could actually measure would not indicate that anything had taken place.


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