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Has anyone ever experienced this weird phenomena of sleep paralysis?

…and told it was some evil spirit sucking the life out of you?

This happens to me all the time. It started when I was 16 and has periodically continued for years. I will be on the verge of falling asleep and all of the sudden my body becomes paralyzed, my breathing becomes depressed, my mind is fully alert but I am unable to move my body. I try and scream but nothing comes out. There is the sound of rushing air or breathing in my ear. I used to mentally fight and force my way out of this creepy state, because I was afraid if I didn’t I would die. I don’t fight it anymore. Now, I just relax into it and I have this weird sensation of being able to look around the room I am in and look at anyone who is in the room with me, but I know my eyes are closed. Freaky Huh?

Oh yeah, when this first started happening my mother told me I had a hag or an incubus riding me. That scared the crap out me and I didn’t sleep for two weeks. Now, I know there is a scientific explanation so it doesn’t scare me anymore.
Thank you all for sharing your experiences!


  • Yes I’ve had it too.
    I have the same feeling with my eyes but every time I get it, it feels like there is demonic spirits around me. I never see it. Never. I always hear it or feel it. Once it sounded like these little demons were running around my bed back and forth taunting me.

  • yes, it’s called The Old Hag, It happens a lot to people in my family. It’s just a neurological thing, not harmful, not the boogie man, not Dracula.

  • That is how our body reacts when we start to leave our body at night. If we aren’t quite in the right brain wave range yet, or whatever.

  • Yes, I have that, except that I don’t normally get it unless I am already asleep.

    For me, it is like dreaming I’m awake but I can’t move or speak or sometimes even see, and I can TRY to yell and maybe think I am yelling, but I’m not.

    There’s also usually a feeling of terrible dread, like something is there with me and is evil.

    Sometimes, you can even feel like you are floating or being taken somewhere, and in really bad cases you can hallucinate all sorts of things.

    This is the real source of most “fairy kidnapping” and/or “alien abduction” stories. (Nobody had thought up aliens 100+ years ago, so they believed in fairies, incubi/succubi, and such instead.)

  • Never happened to me, but it’s funny, my dad and I were just talking about it! It came up because of that one question asking if the asker was really abducted or not…if that happened to me though, I’d be seriously freaked…

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