has anyone ever experienced the "Old Hag" syndrome?

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the nine stone cowboy

I should let my wife answers this one


I think nine stone cowboy means his EX wife! Yeah, have a happy Valentine’s Day there, bud!
Oh, no, I have no idea what “old hag” syndrome is.


If you go to the paranormal section…you’ll hear a lot of experiences about this. Go to Resolved Questions . There should be plenty on there. The skeptics will tell you it’s sleep paralysis. You can google it. You can also google “Old Hag syndrome”. It’s been going on for centuries. Go to Science & Math/Alternative/Paranormal.


Yes. It used to happen to me very often when I was younger, but now it happens once in awhile. I’ve done a lot of research on it and I still don’t know what to believe. When it does happen, I feel spooked and like I’m not alone.

Mature Witch

I work with her and see her every day at the office.
Now, all kidding aside, what does “Hag Syndrone” mean?


yep its happening right now felling a bit haggish today


Sleep paralysis.

Ms. Jackson

i’m sorry hun i have no i deal what that means.


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