Has anyone ever experienced the 'Old Hag' sleep thingy?

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you know, when you are sleeping and you think that an evil spirit is in your room or an Old Hag is sitting on your chest trying to strangle you? It’s also referred to as entity attacks and are very terrifying to say the least!

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Yeah, then I stopped taking LSD and the hag went away.


Yep, but not in the last couple of years. I always thought it was a demon. I also used to have flying dreams which have ceased as well. Does this make me a witch?


It happened to me when I was really little, five or six. I felt like I couldn’t breath and I was being pulled up towards the ceiling by my nightgown. I couldn’t scream or anything. It is terrifying! Especially to a six year old!


there are 2 answers for this question:
answer 1 is the standard answer, you had sleep apnea and stopped breathing you body responded like it was being strangled or somone was sitting on you to get your autonomic system back.
answer 2 is the “road less traveled” and it has to do with spirits working on your sleeping mind.
It is easy to figure out which it is, go to a drug store and get those breath easy strips, if they work night one then you know it is apnea,
for night 2 go to spiritual shop and get a dream catcher and position it over your bed. this will protect your dreaming self.
good night.

Bevin M

What happens with that is that there is not an entity trying to get you..your brain wakes up before your body can catch up..and it feels like you can’t move….That is the explanation for it. Its all brain and body work.


I have a lot of night terrors, but not like a hag is sitting on my chest. But now that you mention it, I’ll probably have a night terror about that tonight! Thanks a lot, dude!


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