Has anyone ever experienced the "old hag" experience?






  1. Yes,,The old hag is the part of yourself that you deny. Everything you don’t like about yourself. Eventually everyone will see the old hag,,what are they going to do about it,,,run away, the more you run the more you will see her..No one is perfect,.Just deal with it.

  2. Not sure. I was asleep on the sofa and began choking and felt hands were around my throat(I have sleep apnoea which I took this to be). I went up to bed and after getting under the duvet I felt a presence at the end of the bed then the weight of someone getting on the end of the bed and lying along top of me to look into my eyes under the top of the duvet, but at this point the sensation dissipated as I looked up and out of the cover. It was fascinating and I was fully awake but I took it to be ‘old hag’ related…

  3. Not personally but I know about it
    Sleep Paralysis (SP) is a common medical condition and usually tagged nowdays as a Sleeping Disorder.
    The symptoms can sometimes include complete to partial paralysis of arms, legs and upper torso, a tight or heavy pressure on your chest sometimes with a choking sensation and almost always experienced as you are about to fall into sleep or just come out of sleep.
    The most remarkable symptoms of SP are the accompanying audio and/or visual hallucinations often causing extreme terror and panic in it’s sufferers, who more often than not mistakenly believe they are being visited by aliens, malevolent beings and other evil presences.
    Research shows that SP is linked with REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. When in REM sleep you are usually dreaming, your body does not act out your dreams as you will hurt either yourself, or someone else, so evolution has worked its merry little way of getting your brain to switch off your muscles (so to speak) and relax you while dreaming, essentially paralyzing you to a degree

  4. Yes. Twice, actually. Once, when I was a child i experienced the old hag when I awoke from sleeping. I met the old hag again about six years ago—she’s now my mother-in-law.

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