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Has anyone ever experienced Kundalini from meditation? I recently bought a CD that claims to do this.?

I decided to research the benefits of Kundalini and became alarmed after I read that psychotic experiences are possible. What the hell?!! If that is the case Kundalini is not for me. See website www.brainsync.com. Thats where I purchased CD. Please answer in laymen terms as this is uncharted territory for me. Thanks a bunch. Look forward to getting my question answered.


  1. My personal beliefs on subjects like this is that MOST of the Cd’s and DVDs who state to help you in any way are crap. I will star this for my contacts who may be more knowledgeable in this area.

  2. Psychotic episodes are a reality. Unless you have balanced the energy of the chakras it is even possible to have a improper kundalini discharge. This, depending on the chakra it leaves, can result in all types of physical and/or emotional problems.

  3. no expert but i believe my kundalini went up and down when i was a child. some say not to mess with it because it will open the chakras when it is time. i tryed to force my kundalini in to my 3rd eye aria,i passed out as usual.1975
    so i dont try any more to force the energy.have fun trying
    dont think you will go of the wall,if you are a normal stable person to begin with

  4. I too will star this question.
    Please do not use this CD!
    Without proper training from a good, qualified teacher, not only psychosis but also physical damage can result from messing with Kundalini. It is a very powerful, potent force.
    It can really cause damage!

  5. It is actually the other way around. It is not possible to experience meditation, or thoughtless awareness, until the kundalini is awakened. Because humanity has now evolved to a point where it is possible for us all to get Self-realisation without first having to go through an intensive cleansing process as was necessary in the past, it is a fairly effortless process which you can experience through Sahaja Yoga. I have never seen anyone practicing Sahaja Yoga experience any physical or other problems as a result of doing. I would definitely not recommend trying to do this through books or CDs. To find out more, go to http://www.sahajayoga.org.

  6. Just to balance things, I have…and consider kundalini to be valuable beyond words.
    Another valid way of phrasing the warning is “many of the effects of kundalini are considered abnormal by medical science”. I fully agree with that, but speaking from the other side of the Gateway Experience CDs, science really isn’t the authority you should be listening to in this area.
    I suppose I see kundalini as being like nuclear power. If you approach it with knowledge, respect and care, it’s friendly and wonderful. If you’re just joy-riding…maybe try out of body CDs instead.


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