Has anyone ever experienced an incubus or a succubus?

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Serious answers only, please.

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Incubus is on my Ipod…..oh, hey…and seriously, it’s a good thing….


yes I’m a waitress and I believe that I waited on one a few weeks ago, she came in with a man, the way that they were acting an the way she was dressed. I can’t be 100% positive but I would bet a lot of money on it.


No, I have never experienced one, nor do I believe in them. Trust me, that’s probably the only serious answer you’re going to get.


I met a Succubus called “Nocturnal Emission” when I was 13


They mimick kundalini. You engage with random things/beings. You dn’t remember being connected or know how you got connected. You just find yourself envolved, attached and entangled.
You’ve agreed some time ago to have that done to you. Break the agreement. Have control over your body. It’s like being raped on the astral.


if they had they be dead and unable to tell you… noob


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