Has anyone ever experienced an astral travel?





as a child i experienced alot of strange things it lead to me to studying the believe of universal energy and the auras, but i find the books to be full of too much junk and cultism, i experienced it twice uncontrolably. sadly the ones who can control it are too arrogant to teach or show any intrest.
simlpy i’m wondering is there anyone else who has experinced this or knows how to control it?
if you are confused as to what astral travling is, it is the leaving of ones outer conscious into a diffrent plane, wheter it being here or a diffrent universe. one can see everything and even move around. but the physical body remains exactly were it was. it’s an amazing experience.


  1. Practicing Simplified Kundalini Yoga(after trying different meditation systems like Pranayama, SSY, Isha Yoga, Transcendental Meditation, etc) I learnt that with guidance of a master you can do Astral Travel.
    Practicing regularly meditation, and training my body, along with the mind, we have done Astral travel with my Guru(Vethathiri Maharishi).
    During astral travel, space clearing and blessing protection is very essential is necessary. Especially most of the astral travel was done at the dawn or twilight, with great caution with a guidance of the master. The reason being when the spirit in your body is projecting itself out of its body from solar plexus. The body vessel is a perfect place for a needy spirit(entity, etc) to attach itself. This is a very sensitive topic, hope you understand. My humble suggestion, from the experience I am delivering it to your consideration. This question was asked by alot of people to Maharishi. I did my best to reproduce his reply from 1993 or so.

  2. You call the people who can control it arrogant.
    What if they’re actually humble and do not wish to indulge in pleasure-seeking? What if they feel that some people would use this gift in less-than-virtuous ways?
    I’ve thought about the same question you have, and while I honestly do not know much about these things, i feel they are kept from a guy like me for a very good reason! LOL
    May your journey take you beyond the astral level, friend!
    – L

  3. I really, really tried to do it. I read numerous books, had an audio tape, talked to various people, etc. I sincerely wanted to do it and tried every technique I heard of. But I still couldn’t do it.

  4. Yahoo QA RS experts will probably be able to give you a lot of conflicting viewpoints on your question, though most know nothing about the matter.
    After they’ve finished you might take a look at the Monroe Institute site online, read a few books, do some web searches.

  5. I have, but I cannot control it. When I was a child, a few times when I was under extreme stress, I actually found myself watching what was happening from a distance, but only for a few seconds and it hasn’t happened at all in my adult life.

  6. I went to Finland once, in my underwear. I swear. This is not a sarcastic answer. When I was in high school, I slept one ordinary night and ended up in Helsinki, feeling the rain on my skin, the breeze, walking down the street Tove Jansson lived on, only it was 1976. (I was born in 1982.) I saw everything as if it were in actual life. Her house was blue….

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