Has anyone ever dropped the crystal ball?

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That’d be a sight.

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random person

yea the sooners tonight, it slipped right through there fingers hahahahahaha
oh yea colonel reb guy- ole miss sucks, sorry its mandatory since im a state fan haha just messing with you

Where's the love?

Funny that you mention this but Orson Charles, a 4-star tight end recruit, broke Florida’s 2006 BCS Championship trophy on a recruiting trip this year. Luckily all the trophies are insured since they cost $35,000 but Florida did get a replacement.

Colonel Reb- Cotton Bowl champ

I think about this every time I see the national championship celebration. If it happened, it would be one of those things that entered college football lore.


Atheists: do u believe in the power of the mind & using ur subconscious 2 alter events & reality? hypnosis?

I AM ADDRESSING ATHEISTS ONLY HERE - THANK YOU - 1) Have you ever SUCCESSFULLY tried hypnosis or self-hypnosis? Just curious if you have any awareness...

What type of pictures/ words could represent the word enlightenment?

Im making a collage about enlightenment and i need some ideas i have student- because when students learn they are being enlightened and i...

If Dalai and Panchin Lamas have reincarnated for centuries, why have they no solution to Chinese conquerers?

Spirituality author, Lobsang T. Rampa brought Tibetean Lamaism to World attention with his interesting series of novels, allegedly based on his own life story. The...

Can someone be a witch/warlock and not know it?

Can someone be a witch and not know it? Can someone be a witch their whole life and not know it? And if they...

Is there any type of astrology that deals with the influence the waxing and waning moon phase?

has on a person when they are born? For example: I was born one day before the January full moon (a.k.a. Wolf...
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