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Has anyone ever done astral projection if so can you please tell me an easy way to do it?

i just read a relly good book and i want to know how to do it its an interesting topic


  1. Anyone who tells they have experiences astral projection is lying to you. Don’t waste your time on this kind of hooey.

  2. Try to meditate in calm place and concentrate on “Ya Rahman ” in your mind, practice it for few days then lemme know through e’mail

  3. Just use your imagination. Use it well and surround yourself by people who believe in this stuff. Successful astral projection is not anymore difficult to believe in than successful faith in Christianity. Create your own dellusions.

  4. First you lie flat out on a bed or gound and make sure you are comfortablle( nice temp and loose clthesetc.) BTW you are astrally traveling. Lie down and focus your breathing to a calmness and then you want to call down the white light of divine love and protection, if you cant see it ask for it. Slowly tense your foot and release then work all the way up to your head. You should feel utterly peaceful, and then focus on your body feeling heavier and heavier sinking into where your lying sooner or later you should feel your spirit leave your body (dont be upset if it doesn’t happen right away just focus on your body and relax it (this took me 3 hours to do).).


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