Home Discussion Forum Has anyone ever done a Vipassana Meditation Course before for 10 days?

Has anyone ever done a Vipassana Meditation Course before for 10 days?

I am doing one and I want to know what to expect

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  1. ive known some ppl who had done the 10 day vippassana ..all of them thought it really helped them..all the best. post ur experiences….

  2. There are essentially two Vipassana organizations in the West — the one based from the teachings of Goenka and the one based from Jack Kornfield (Spirit Rock) and Joseph Goldstein (IMS – Barre, Mass.).
    I’ve done retreats with the latter. They have been deeply beneficial. Lots of silent mindfulness of breath, walking, and taking meals. On the one hand, very relaxing. On the other, it is not uncommon for personal growth issues to come up, too, and that can be confusing if one expects only to be “calm and quiet.” But it’s as though we become a safe enough place for insight to arise, and often that insight is about the wonderful basic beauty of life at its most elemental, and sometimes it’s also about the emotional healing we are ready to do.
    If I were to give advice, it would be not to have lots of expectations, but to be prepared to practice an honest, simple, and intimate attentiveness with whatever arises for you. A little like the bumper sticker, “Don’t just do something, stand there.”
    Make your retreat a gift to yourself.

  3. Hello
    Well expect an intensive meditation course & wonderful experience.
    ps ~ can you put me in your suitcase so that I can come too 🙂


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