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Has anyone ever astral projected before?

I astral project and was wondering if anyone else does.


  1. Don’t Listen to them. Of course it’s possible. I think I had a couple of out of body experience. some of them I didn’t understna dmyself but You can get there without Drugs like You need them to do it anyway some people are not that smart. they don’t believe what is there.

  2. I have at least two times that I can remember, once as a child and once only a few months ago. And even though I study the paranormal, both times were still a little jarring. Although this last time was intense; I was actually able to pull back into my body and leave again several times before I was completely out of my trance state.

  3. No, I haven’t. I always wanted to try that when I was in my teens. Now I think even if I could, I’d probably be too afraid to let go of my body!
    Curious to know, where do you go when you astrally project, and what does it feel like?

  4. yes!!!! i was trying to fall asleep after a long day. all of a sudden my legs went all tingly and numb. This feeling slowly traveled up my whole body and i eventually had the feeling that I couldn’t move. I felt like i was pulling away from my body, and it was almost like I could “see” stuff with my third eye, but it was covered in a layer of fog. I was excited and kept trying to pull harder and harder, to get out of my body but i was scared and I slowly had this sinking feeling and the tingly feeling moved back down to my toes and I was able to move again. It was so cool!!! I loved it and tried to do it again for the next two nights but I couldn’t.

  5. Apparently I have when I was dreaming a few years ago. I didn’t know it at the time, but when I told this guy, he said I did and that people in his group would kill to be able to do what I can.


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