Has anyone else had a direct spiritual experience but the effect didn't last?

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I had a spiritual experience once when I completely let my ego go and it was very positive but … it’s now just a faded memory. The experience was one of Unconditional Love with absolutely no judgement and no concepts of hell, sin, guilt. It was so real and it was so close but so foreign (it was so close as to be a part of Me but not the small/ego ‘me’) — I felt completely not alone. And yet, despite that, I’ve gone back to my old patterns of thought and haven’t integrated it into my life. Any similar experiences?

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ya i have had a spiritual experience. i usually meditate everyday and one day, when i had my eyes closed, i could see a small blue dot moving , with a golden glow in it, in my eyes. that day, i felt very active and happy.
even now, whenever i meditate vigorously, it comes and i have the same happy experience.


When I was a kid, I had a horrible experience as I slept one cold evening after watching my brother play football. I felt like my bed turned into a frying pan and I kept hearing voices saying things like, “No one would be able to hear her if she screamed.” It was so real to me. I tried to shake the feeling off. I buried my face in my pillow and I suddenly saw a headless football player. I ran to my parents’ room crying, which I never really did before.
My mother gave me cold medicine and said a prayer to me and let me sleep next to her. Everything was better after that. For a long time, I truly thought the prayer saved me from the devil. But I had a bad fever and was delirious for a couple of days during that time period. I am now Atheist, but I can still sort of remember that nightmare.

Angel Girl

I had similar experience. I was touched by great powers. Received miraculous healing. But now & then I’ll lapse into negative moods & then some of my close frends have to remind me of how special I’m. I have to be reminded that I’m not in a Hospice waiting to die, not siting on a wheelchair. I can walk & enjoy my child. Not long ago I wrote in a diary my spiritual experiances (I had more then one). When in doubt I just open the diary & read it. Treasure those special moments into your heart.
We must be very grateful & give thanks to God for having had such validation.


yeah. i’ve had similar experiences and as the reality of that moment faded i felt i was loosing something. however, if you remember that “place” you’ll remember it’s always “there”, has never not been, is the state of being in the Now. remember? felt like what eternity would feel like. right?
well, ya can’t stay in a state of perpetual bliss and still function as a normal person so ya keep the knowledge of that experience tucked in your subconscious somewhere and know that you have nothing to fear from death.


This has happened many times to me!! Don’t you just want that feeling always? Just think what you could do. I pray about thosetimes and thank God for them, and in desperate times I cry for them. The other day i wrote on here in questions if people would pray for me.. I was having a bad day, and sure enough i cried when I read the messages, then felt an unbelievable calm hover around me with no sadness and no fear. It comes and goes


yes this happens,wen u accept ur mistakes, n have full faith in GOD.But u’ve not to let it go. u’ve 2 keep practicing it.u’ve 2 remind urself again n again that once HE was kind 2 u,showered HIS blessings on u so u’ve 2 maintain that by maditation, positive thinking.Being human beings we get diverted very soon.but we’ve 2 practice it.


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