Home Discussion Forum Has anyone else had a choking sensation during crystal therapy?

Has anyone else had a choking sensation during crystal therapy?

Whilst having a treatment the therapist placed crystals on my chakras and the one on my throat became really uncomfortable and then i had difficulty breathing and had to jump up from the couch then i burst into tears.
All i hear and read is about how relaxing crystal healing is but this is not my experience,can anyone explain or has anyone experienced the same reaction.
My arm was twitching and shaking before this happened and it was out of my control,i know this sounds far fetched but its the truth.


  1. It sounds as though you have some kind of blockage there. Did the therapist talk to you about your reaction? It may be that the throat area needs some work to get the energy flowing properly again. You could try meditating and visualising energy flowing through your lungs and throat. Breathe deeply and with each breath out visualise the air flowing through your lungs and cleaning every part of your chest, throat and mouth.
    I have never had that sensation but get very dizzy when I have my forehead chakra cleared.

  2. its not common to feel choking, but it is to feel discomfort, as the crystal is healing that area. not all treatments that aim to remove blockages (such as massage, reflexology and even crystal healing) are relaxing..this is more of a scheme as saying “you will burst into tears aftereach treatment” will not attract people but don’t give up, the more you do this treatment the less awkward it will become.


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