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Has anyone else gotten tons of crap from pedestrians while doing energy work?

So I regularly do energy work (that is I manipulate chi, my astral body, spiritual energy whatever you call it) in public. I was never taught how to do this through martial arts or anything. I just kinda stumbled upon one day on the bus. Anyway, I catch crap from people all the time, about this. A couple of cops even walked up on me once and told me to, “cut the voodoo out” or they’d sight me. I played dumb about it and went on my way. I’m not trying to hurt anybody (and I don’t think I even can), but am I somehow? Most people don’t notice. Some people give me mad respect (which is nice, and humbling). But, a lot of people can be really freaked out by me, especially like “tough guys”. So, does anyone have any advice, or even know what the hell I’m talking about? I don’t know if this is the best category for this question, still thank you.


  • No, I have never practiced energy work in a public place. Even if meditating at the beach, there is no reason for anyone to have to sit in a lotus position and chant loud enough for other people to hear. Although, at some beaches and parks this is very common an accepted. All public places are not the same.

    If you are practicing Qi Gong, it should not ever be in a public place. I don’t think people should really be practicing their katas alone in public. It is an invitation for trouble. Classes held in public parks are usually early in the morning and pedestrians or passers-by might take a look, but they understand what is going on.

    I don’t really know what you are doing because you don’t seem to either. If it appears weird enough for people to take notice then why not practice this in private? It sounds like you enjoy the attention you are getting and that is none of my business. But, I would hate to learn about you getting hurt for doing something that you don’t understand yourself.

    My advice would be to join a martial arts school so you can learn some exercises to channel these emotions into.

  • I know what ya mean. The scared rabbits will gripe about it. It’s not like you’re doing anything, that’s their problem. I guess the only way to avoid this is to either conform to their beliefs (yeah right!) or to practice more secretly so that they cant tell anymore.

    Good with the playing dumb. It’s a good technique that only fails against more experienced persona.

    You aren’t hurting people unless you intend to. Interestingly, you can throw people without touching if you train it well. It’s really fun (i don’t do in public only in ki-aikido class)

    Nice answer jv (gives good rating)

  • If you live in the United States you have the right to freely exercise your religious beliefs without interference from anyone, especially the police.

    Since they thought you were practicing Voodoo, which is a religion, they have no right to tell you you cannot practice it in public and if they cite you for it, get a lawyer and make a huge case out of it. You’ll likely win a pretty large settlement.

  • I give strange looks to people who just start dancing for no reason on the sidewalk. Public displays of your hobbies may well be your right but it’s the right of everyone else to think you’re a fruitcake for it. You need to learn what it means to act appropriately in public. Take our friend above who does Sanchin in the park. That’s perfectly acceptable. If he started doing Sanchin while walking down the sidewalk I’m sure people wouldn’t think it was so swell.

  • Manipulating yourself in public is against the law in most places. *grin*

    There’s nothing wrong with an active fantasy life, but don’t get caught up in thinking it’s real or that anyone else should agree with you. Do it at home, you’re not REALLY getting better at anything, so you don’t ‘lose out’ by missing some on-the-bus practice time.

    Or just deal with the fact that you are ARE weird, and it’s normal for people to look at you like you’re weird. Weird people can be interesting people, but don’t start thinking it’s normal, just accept your weirdness.

  • Your right, you should be researching this instead of complaining. Any form of difference in pubic is going to draw attention. If you saw someone standing on the sidewalk pooping in his pants, you would walk around him, and even maybe tell him that is not the place for this certain public display.
    Maybe on the bus or in some public areas is not such a good place for this type of display, unless of course you enjoy the attention you get from acting differently in public.

  • i guess the unknown scares people a bit…..
    maybe it points to the insular society the US has become………..which is sad….the US needs to embrace more than what Madonna or Oprah Winfrey bang on about….

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