Has anyone else gone through a spiritual shift in beliefs?

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As of today, I am no longer considering myself a Taoist. The more I studied Psychology and Theology, the more I came to realize that my need to be attached to something greater than myself was why I held onto my beliefs.
However, I am influenced by Taoist Philosophy still-and for that, I am thankful.
As of today, I am finally accepting what I feel I’ve truly been as of the last year or so-a Secular Humanist.
Has anyone else recently accepted a different set of beliefs?
Marques de Sade-Interesting avatar.
Is there a god for safety words?
I’m joking, thanks for the response.

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Vanilla Lace

Yes, almost on a daily basis;-)


Christianity to paganism.

Laffy 1.0

christian to atheist.

Eartha's Being Badly Beasted

I was raised to be a died in the wool atheist…I drifted to agnosticism through my early adult life…I don’t know…but i don’t believe, rather than I deny utterly…
and just recently I have been drawn more and more to Paganism…and I am trying to learn more about it.
But it’s a dense subject, with many Gods and Goddesses….much lore and millions of commentators…..and it may take me decades to sort out in my mind whether or not I believe in it.
My atheistic roots make me the ultimate skeptic…I find everything needs to be filtered through my brain, subjected to logical arguments…and this is simply anathema to faith of any kind
That is the only thing I really resent my parents for…they should have allowed us to develop our own spiritual perceptions…rather than presenting all belief systems as similarly flawed…it was really only Christianity they had a problem with.
But just as the faithful are often accused of brainwashing their children into faith…I do believe my parents brainwashed me out of it. And I have been very careful not to do that to my own children.
If they do find a faith that seems appropriate and attractive to them…I would never want to be responsible for ruining it for them.
It seems like a wonderful thing to possess. As long as it’s not misused.
(((Marquis de Sade)))
Now that there is a VERY logical argument!
Thanks for that.

Marquis De Sade

I am a Roman Pagan. I used to be an Atheist, but decided I needed multiple Gods on my side. I wanted a God for every occasion. I call it
“the little black dress religion” because you can take it anywhere. Its a lot better than Christianity and other Monotheistic religions. I have personal relationships with many God’s, as opposed to one. Its a lot better than only having Jesus to choose from. What if you just don’t really get along with Jesus? That’s why I like having a cornucopia of Gods to choose from. There are some I like far better than others. For example, I especially like the God who throws lightning bolts. Nobody will mess with me when He’s got my back!


not for a few years but yes
I went from being *forced Roman Catholic>>>atheist>>>universal agnostic

Kevin T

Naw, I am a christian and accept the birth, persecution, death, and Resurrection of my lord and savior. But this is a good question.


Raised Christian, then secular humanist (in college of course!) then agnostic, then I flirted with Tao other eastern philosophies…read a lot about cosmic consciousness…blah blah blah.
Finally I revisited Christianity, and studied the story of Christ very closely, and became convinced that he did exist. He would either be the biggest hoax in history or he was what he said he was.
I am now a Christian.

Zsolt H

You and most of the others answering your question are part of a growing number of people, including myself, who started searching for the purpose of our lives.
During this search we stop at different teachings, practices, sciences, philosophies, and then move along until we find the one which can answer not just one or two questions, but all of our questions about the meaning of life, about the reality we live in, and mostly questions about ourselves.
So if you still feel like moving on from your present stop for another destination, I would like to recommend the spiritual teaching I have found 3 years ago, and with which teaching I am staying, as for me it can answer even the most challenging questions I have had so far.
Obviously all of us are different, but I think it is worth a look.
All the best.


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