HomeDiscussion ForumHas anyone else every astral traveled to help others???

Has anyone else every astral traveled to help others???

I have had experiences where I astral travel, not for the sake fo traveling or enjoying the time outside of my body, but to help specific people. I have sat with a girl contemplating suicide, and held her wrists and cried with her. I spoke with a samoan football player in highschool and told him to have strength. I comforted an elderly black woman on a bench when everyone else ignored her. I KNOW these people are real, not dreams…and I know this because they have eyes, and I can look into them. None of my dreams are like that. Has anyone else had something similar liek this happen to them? Or maybe I visited you? Please help!
these are very real experiences for me..I dont smoke weed, never have, and dont do drugs. Please dont comment about that if you have nothing better to say.


  1. Yes this has happened a lot with me when I go into trance. The term for people like us is “astral healer.” Although some call us light workers. We have a special calling to help those on the astral plane.

  2. Um… Can we confirm these events? Like did someone see you helping these people when they knew you were somewhere else? Or did these people later come back and recognize you?
    I don’t doubt that the events are real to you, but if we can’t verify them objectively then they are yours alone.

  3. Why don’t you astrally project over to my place tonight? My cat’s sick and I’d be able to get some sleep if you’d look after him for me.

  4. It is comforting to read of someone who is aware of these things — and appears to be using their “gifts” (level of awareness) for the purposes for which they are and/or were intended.
    As you (but not others) may be aware of — the Astral Body which we ALL have — is the/a “body of desire” (emotion, feelings, etc.) and therefore using this body for the purposes of “healing emotions” in the way that you describe “makes sense”.
    And, while the actual experience of what you report may be “real” to you — it (the manifestation of the experience) may NOT be the same — or at the same “level” that it is for others.
    Some believe that we ALL do what you describe — but depending upon an almost endless number of variables we each either “go about it” or experience it differently — no different than how different each of us is — and how differently we experience other ‘aspects’ of our existence.
    Most of us are only sensitive to — let’s say — our immediate family, friends, etc., and some are much more sensitive.
    Ancient Wisdom teaches that what we commonly refer to as “telepathic experiences” are often a result of “emotional” telepathic experiences via the Astral Body.
    And, depending upon our level of “consciousness” there are also other (higher) telepathic experiences which we can experience through our Mental Body (and higher bodies).
    The ONLY reason I speak to you (and others) of these “higher experiences” is that MANY (if not most) who have report similar experiences end up making the mistake of believing that they have reached some “ultimate” level of progression as it relates to this and other “gifts” — when the fact is, is that there are an ENDLESS number of “higher” experiences ahead of you and all of us in/with these things.
    The “illusion” that is taught by many is that (1) that these things are “evil”, and (2) that you have reached the “ultimate”.
    BOTH teachings are designed to do ONE THING…and that is to discourage and prevent you from reaching out — and keep attempting to progress further — and “higher” — and thus causing you (us) from experiencing “the higher”.
    And THIS is the REAL message I wish to deliver to you and others on this matter.


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