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has anyone else ever experienced telepathy and how do you develop it?

I had an experience once where I could hear my friends thoughts and to test if she could hear mine too i just repeated a word in my thoughts over andover again until she finally responded the same word out loud. I thought it was me making it up but i tried it with three different words/phrases and she answered each one correctly


  • Yes we can hear others thoughts if you believe you can. Thoughts are energy. I can only imagine that you have known this friend for quite some time. There was a study done in Japan where they dumped loads of pealed bananas on the beaches of the deserted islands off the coast for the native monkeys. After some time one of the monkeys realized that all he had to do was wash the banana in the ocean and he could eat said banana. Soon other monkeys observing him followed suit. As the scientist watched they were amazed that when the 100th monkey in the group discovered the simplicity of washing off the sand suddenly the monkeys on the other side of the island began washing there bananas and not only that but at that same instant monkeys on the other islands began washing there’s also. That is why people that believe in prayer can effectuate loved ones on the other side of the globe. Martial Artists practice Ti Chi in the same manner. It is the manipulation of energy. So keep practicing and you will eventually be able to feel people even when they try to sneak up on you. Remember that you have to believe it.

  • Practice, practice, practice. There are books that will give you exercises you can use. I wish I could give you more insight. It runs in my family. We are born with it. Some of my relatives ignore it and only a couple have really worked on getting good at using it. I can call my uncle with out a phone and he will call me back on his phone. One day I did that but then left to go someplace I got home and he had left a message. ” hey, What did you want”
    My best advice to you is not to use it in an intrusive way. Don’t try to find out what others are thinking without their permission. That’s not nice.

  • Try listening while an entire roomful of people recite your every thought out loud…and email me when it happens. That is if you are still sane enough to function, after that experience. The method of development is to keep quiet even when you wish to speak…and the results can be overwhelming!

  • Yes…I think its a brain thing…not a religious one.
    We all have it..yet most dont harness it.
    It would take way to long for me to explain to you how to harness it.
    There are some good books on Amazon about it.

  • That’s interesting about your friend. I’ve never experienced it…tried it out a bunch of times…wasn’t very successful, lol.

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