Home Discussion Forum Has anyone been to Sedona, AZ?

Has anyone been to Sedona, AZ?

I was wondering if anybody has felt the energy from some of the Votices while in Sedona, AZ. A few months ago while visiting some of Sedona’s well known hot spots, I felt this energy go through me, almost like a whirling sensation within my stomach, i felt a little wobbly at times. However, I left the place feeling great, like I had a spiritual awakening.
Has anybody else felt this while at a Votex site in Sedona, is what I experienced similar to what others have felt?


  1. i’ve been told i’m very perceptive to such thing and I’ve been to sedon and felt nothing.
    though i’ve heard that some people respond in a similar way to the sub-sonic vibrations created near fault lines.

  2. maybe u were just super jet legged when i got to australia i felt the same way and i dont think that there magical spirits

  3. I’ve been to Sedona. The vortex thing is crap. There’s nothing going on there, electrically, magnetically, etc. NOTHING. Easily proven using basic equipment. Nothing special about Sedona – it’s just really pretty. You probably ate something that disagreed with you – either that or it’s the confirmation effect.


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