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Has anyone been cured of an illness by Reiki or any other holistic therapy?

I’m interested in hearing any positive stories regarding alternative therapies – what happened and how?
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  1. Not healed, but definitely less pain, I have Lupus btw, and it has helped lessen the severity of my flares.
    I have a friend that does the Chakras and someone that does the Reiki.

  2. Yes my best friend is qualified in reiki and she gave me sessions for anxiety, palpitations and post natal depression. i was relieved of symptoms of anxiety, and palpitations. she even gave me absent healing when i would ring and ask. the pnd i took st john wort too so no evidence but i got over it. She also does angel therapy and could describe mine and told me his name which was a comforting thing.

  3. Yes. I had reiki to help with my depression and it seemed to be effective. My mother is a reflexologyst. When I was a kid she used to work on me when I was sick. It always made me feel better. I thought she used magic. Of course I know the scientific parts of it. I have also grown up hearing about ailments cured by my mother. She got so popular even skeptical doctors would refer patients to her that they couldn’t help. Most of them were foot ailments but there were also MS and MD patients who saw improvement. Acupuncture also helps with the flue and colds. Use google. It is a great source to learn what you need to know.

  4. Cranial osteopathy.
    By a properly qualified professional who did a 3 year course.
    Knew I was pregnant (at 9 weeks). Correctly knew that I was anaemic, later in the pregnancy.
    At 28 weeks knew the baby was breech and after the session, babe turned over (may be coincidence).
    Had a wonderful home birth at term with no difficulties! (First labour and birth was horrendous).
    Helped with eldest daughters sleep problems too.
    If I was still living where I used to, I’d still have the odd session or two!

  5. I am all for holistic treatment. My husband is a holistic dentist. It is remarkable how some peoples physical and mental health improve after getting treated. He does not put any silver(amalgam) fillings in the mouth. To remove the old silver fillings everyone in the room wears a mask to protect from the mercury vapor. They also have a little machine running that clears the air of the vapor. I have seen a child who had autism cured after doing kelation which is when they clean the toxins out of the body especially mercury toxins

  6. I have a friend who does cranial massages. My son was having alot of problems academically in school last year. Out of desperation I asked her if she would do a massage on him. She massaged him around 2:00 pm and afterward he was ready to take a nap something he has not done for years. His memory and emotions seemed better after wards as well. My husband and I have also had cranial massages from her and if nothing else they sure are relaxing.

  7. I had sciatica (thats veeery bad back pain) and I was cured by acupressure massage, it works on the same basis as acupuncture except there are no needles. Reiki does work too, it works on healing energy, but any healing works if the practitioner believes she will heal the person and the person belives they will be healed almost like an instant prayer.

  8. One of my students had a cousin with cancer of the liver. We did frequent treatments with Reiki on her cousin. After a few months the cancer was gone. Each treatment was done with 3 to 4 people giving the Reiki energy to her. The treatments lasted for hours. Since she lived a long way from us, we had to limit the treatments to weekends twice a month. You can read lots of stories like this at http://www.reiki.org

  9. If you are looking for real miracles, I suggest a book called ‘Ayurveda – A Life of Balance’ written by Maya Tiwari, who walked out from the jaws of death (cancer – doctors gave her 3 months to live) with meditation and ayurveda. Its a beautiful book.
    I have seen several miracles on a smaller scale. Allopathy is very incomplete, and if they don’t have a cure, they term a disease incurable.
    In case of Reiki itself, I know of cases where people were cured of sciatica, arthritis, etc, apart from other problems being solved, like improved relationships, resolved legal cases, etc. Its unbelievable, unexplainable, but true.
    I have also heard of several success stories of pranayama healing people with arthritis, diabetes, etc, and seen a few minor cases myself. I do pranayama myself, and it helps me recover from illnesses very quickly.

  10. I am a qualified Reiki Practitioner and as such can vouch for the healing properties of Reiki. No Reiki Practitioner will profess to cure anyone but there are too many successful stories of Reiki being used alone or in conjunction with medical treatments to not believe that it has benefits. My life has turned around since I discovered Reiki and am very grateful for it.


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