Home Discussion Forum Has anyone been able to develop psychic powers?

Has anyone been able to develop psychic powers?

I am wanting these because when I was young, I was fantasized seeing wimen wearing boots levitate in the air. I first thought it up when first seeing Mary Poppins. That’s why I want to learn of psycicry.


  1. I can fly, read brains and go through walls. I still don’t have x-ray vision, but who needs that when you can simply take over the world with the ability to read minds. Think about it, I’m young but I guess the few “millions” of others with this ability simply “forgot’ to use them for global power. All I have to do is read my teacher’s brain to answer every question in every test. All I have to do is read everyone’s brain to know what everyone wants. Hell, I read your mind and knew you wanted someone to come and tell you that you can “develop” these skills and that the Russian KGB, and the paranormal section of the CIA have made sufficient studies of this to make it a fact. Or that reading Edgar Cayce’s books will make you clairvoyant. The fact of the matter is, this isn’t convincing you, because a tragedy is going to happen to you (am I clairvoyant or what?) you are about to find out that all I just said is a LIE, or maybe… just maybe… you realized that when reading this !@ OH MY GOD!!!! I just turned you into a clairvoyant human super-being.
    WELL, guess what. There’s no such thing. THAT is why you posted this question in MYTHOLOGY and FOLKLORE not SCIENCE. OR, maybe you simply knew that before asking, quite the future seer aren’t you?

  2. Developing the power??? I guess some already did…
    For me the best one that you might want is the so-called EMPATHY…. I want to have it !!! Its so cool…

  3. Telekinesis is a waste of energy, to be honest. Waaay too much effort for a novelty return. There are certainly things one can develop, and I’m sure one *could* do telekinesis, but if it’s not something you’ve got a talent for to begin with…much more useful and less tiring things to do with them.

  4. You can enhance what you have, but if you don’t have any at all….well I have not heard of anyone developing them. Any thing is possible Theo. It sounds like you want to be able to levitate….I’m not able to that. I don’t know anyone who can do that. When I was young I think I did it…..but….maybe it was just a dream. I would run so fast that my feet would leave the ground…or di I dream it? I would recommend that you look into some of the occult books and see it they help.

  5. cynical and skeptical of those who claim they have as I did a sociology paper on this subject and proved — at least to my own satisfaction — these people were not accurate

  6. Being psychic is something you’re born with but you can hone in the skills. However you can’t lift someone in the air just cuz you’re psychic.Look up David Cantrell, I think.

  7. Every human being on the face of this earth can develop their psychic power.. With the proper training………………………………


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