Home Discussion Forum Has anyone Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming through Binaural Beats?

Has anyone Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming through Binaural Beats?

and if anyone has any good astral binaural beats can they send them to me or tell me were to download free ones ?


  1. The site I’ve always used for downloading binaural beats is the Unexplainable Store. They have high-quality mp3s. There are two others I have found too, and some offer free samples so you can check them out before buying. Generally, they aren’t very expensive and the Unexplainable Store has some as low as five bucks. You can see three different sites (including the Unexplainable Store) and their comparisons below. I hope this helps!

  2. Go to this site http://uazu.net/sbagen/ You can get them for free.
    Though I can almost guarantee you they will not work.
    It’s not like most ppl think. It hardly does anything. Yes it alters your brainwave frequency but that will not enable you to project. Far from it. There is far more to it. Listening to binaural beats or isotonic tones or w/e else isn’t going to make you project & it will help very little. They are next to useless & many are being drawn in by something that just really doesn’t work.

  3. I bought some from the unexplainable store but it hasnt worked for me. But my mom tried it and it started to work for her, I think if you are to excited it wont work. You have to relaz then it will work

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