Home Discussion Forum Has anyone achieved or approximated higher consciousness through meditation, kundalini, etc. ?

Has anyone achieved or approximated higher consciousness through meditation, kundalini, etc. ?


  1. I don’t believe in meditation because we meditate on ourselves, as Christians we must meditate on God, not that we have to strike the pose or anything, it’s all about trust.

  2. Yep. Meditation is a very cool thing. Once and only once, I was able to go to this ‘place’ I’ll never forget. And i want to go back.

  3. i think so. I was very young, Like 11. But I had been meditating, (well, actually saying the rosary repeatedly) for a VERY long time and suddenly I felt above the world or something, I had this wonderful Clear sense of mind and it felt like all the pieces of my life came together. Then my sister decided to sleep talk.

  4. A higher consciousness through cunnilingus?? I’m going to have to put this theory to a bigger test.

  5. I tried a form of self -hypnosis many years ago and liked it a lot …….I had a lot of stress on me at the time and it worked very well………I would reach a plane where I would almost know what you were going to say to me before you said it…..the only problem is you can’t drive and function normally because you are so aware………..it’s a strange feeling…..I can’t really get you into it anymore…….but it’s like lifting weights…..5reps…1set……3 sets to each stage….you start on the outside awareness of sound till you get totally aware of one sound of a special bird or something you hear…..after completion of 2 you start inward on you self and awareness of breathing…..blood flow and finally you will start into a vortex and reach a state of total peace…….it’s pretty special. I had my own small office in the basement and a special chair and their wasn’t anything much around….it will take you 30 min. for a good session. Look it up or find it out from someone…….just remember you can’t drive in this stage. It leaves in a few min……but you have never been this relaxed before and there’s no medicine involved….and I believe you could just about read anything at that point and remember it. all the best and good nite

  6. I’m not clear on YOUR definition of “Higher Consciousness”, but for me, Prayer is when I talk to God, and Meditation is when I open to receive the answers.
    I experience feeling more serene, at peace with, and less attached to what is in my world. I am more open to the experience of ‘Unconditional, Positive Regard’, which is my definition of Love, and I find less fear in, of or about anything in my world and consciousness.
    It is our natural human condition to have a struggle with being “in the world but not of it”, in balancing the material and physical values with spiritual ones. I find meditation a way to center on what REALLY matters.
    I was once in a day long meditation class, where we were expanding and experiencing our Auras, through breath exercises, chanting, etc. My wife met me for our lunch break, knowing nothing of what we were doing in the class, and was not into any form of Metaphysics. After seating for lunch, and before answering any of her many questions about my experience, I just asked her to close her eyes, and hold up her hands, with the palms facing me. I then slowly moved the palms of my hands towards hers, and when they were 3″ – 4″ apart, she jumped back and said “What was that! This was my first confirmation that validated my metaphysical experience as not just subjective.
    If you are seeking to find what could be, you will need to open your mind, release your fears, jump on in and see what happens.
    It IS all good.

  7. yes it is possible to achieve higher consciousness but it hapens gradually or it may hapen instantly if some one who is at higher Laval of consciousness helps you.
    In my case i feal the higher Laval of consciousness many time but still it is not stable. I have seen bright light in between my eyebrows during meditation its shape is like sun but it is more bright than sun and cool too.weight lessness is also a sign of higher consciousness i often feal.

  8. Yes I randomly started prana breathing it came out of no where and lead me to spiritual ecstasy. While on spiritual ecstasy I meditated and found my consciousness expanding where I then felt as if I was in a sea of awareness. You have to prana breathe to reach the higher states just focus on your breathing try to feel the heat from it.
    I was breathing prana for a few days had some good experiences then it just left I held on to it for a few days but couldn’t breathe enough for the higher states. Now I’m in the gutter stressed out trying get threw the storm.


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